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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 7, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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had to go to an emergency griff i don't know why he hasn't declaration, congress won't pass weighed into support his former level even republicans corporate vice president. griff: i have no insight on that republicans moderate republicans they're no better on this. but let me tell you having covered politics for nearly 20 years in washington what we're griff: but jedediah you hearing right there is president mentioned this, but look at obama saying hey, guys, donald what's coming across, when i was trump is about to get re-elected in the rio grande valley sector last week one ms-13 member came focus. jedediah: that's exactly right. we have viewer responses on this across and then we also revealed , donna on facebook said the culture we're living in today is the testimony of that border a culture obama created. president trump vows action patrol chief, which will testify this coming tuesday to the on border security. pete: and ron on facebook said his efforts to stop illegal senate homeland security liberal over reach gave us trump immigration. >> i said i was going to close committee, that ms-13 is 2016 so let them go further, so the border. actually employing, grabbing a we'll have a trump landslide in kid to go across-the-boarder. we have to take care of 2020. you were saying while the sound ourselves. was playing, griff. >> 35 years on this border i'm i asked, president obama's former i.c.e. guy, and he says they've strayed from purity on really worried where this the issues and you noted they're look, it is undeniably a problem country is going. not really talking that much where the heck is congress. that now, you know, president about issues because there's so >> a suspect wanted for the trump often says well they're much about trump these days on shooting of a texas state not giving us the best. the left. trooper is in custody. griff: at the end of the day well that perhaps an voters are shopping. the trooper is fighting for his understatement when you look at they want to see what you're active gang members, the most offering, democrats, republicans life following surgery for two violent trying to organize , i'll take the best deal, president trump now is bullet wounds. themselves to take advantage and >> among progressives in the running on his record, jobs, united states is a certain kind come across our border by using economy, et cetera, immigration as you point out. those loopholes. democrats are offering these of rigidity. pete: well you mentioned former the overall effort and movement. president obama. i've been wondering this week >> how important is it to you to platitudes and a lot of people
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with biden under fire where aren't buying it and they've obama has been. see the president's tax returns. well, he popped up in berlin, started apologizing for >> it's not really important. >> not at all. germany yesterday and was everything. pete: well when you live in the speaking to his fellow globalist world of identity politics it >> not really important. >> hold on. did i hear a whistle? means eventually you'll cross an s about something but he ultimately made comments we got a foul call. about his own party about the identity or cross something you're not supposed to say and we got all three. left interesting stuff. the new york post in an op-ed virginia is heading to its first here is what the former president had to say yesterday. recently pointing this out quite clearly saying pathetic democrat >> one of the things i do worry ever national championship game. s have become the party about sometimes among of oops, jedediah the list is progressives in the united long. jedediah: you've got joe biden, states maybe it's true here as bernie sanders, elizabeth warren well, is a certain kind of ♪ , kirsten gillibrand, beto o'rourke, essentially who hasn't rigidity, where we say oh, i'm ♪ apologized but i think this sunday morning the camera is sorry, this is how it's going to plays to the base i don't know be and then we start sometimes what choice they have when on. >> we're here. dealing with bernie sanders and >> welcome. creating what's called a dealing with staffers that were good morning. circular firing squad where you involved and potential >> welcome, everyone. harassment and they didn't fire soon enough or i really think happy 6 a.m. that it's a time when people are >> but not so happy, a story start shooting at your allies very receptive to the apology so they feel that if they get ahead earlier i this week i was in because one of them is straying of the issue and apologize they texas and that is why we start this morning with a fox news can put it behind them. from purity on the issues and i don't know maybe it'll work. alert. a texas state trooper is pete: and they live in outrage fighting for his life after and grievance politics. being shot near the u.s. mexico when tha happens, typically, no, identity and grievance politics, you do somebody's
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border overnight. >> the suspected shooter is in the overall effort and movement grievance is eventually one that you offend and then you better weakens. custody after a manhunt jedediah: president obama the ce to this. griff: yeah, play it. overnight. ntrist has emerged the >> yes, the officer has not been moderate. >> to the women, in our named just yet but the texas you know it's amazing he went from far left community organizer type but it's campaign, who were harassed or state police say he was shot interesting now because the twice saturday night while he democratic party has gone so far was investigating a car crash. mistreated, i apologize. left and is so rigid that he, i >> i am not a tribal citizen. we don't know where the bullets think, is talking to them. hit him but he's in stable g yet he's saying listen you can have i am sorry that immuno-oncology some of these left wing policies critical condition. some of these but you have to fended confusion. not only will i not say that, this all happened in the get elected and in order to get edinburgh area, 30 minutes from but i'll be much more thoughtful elected you have to appeal to the border. the center of the country and the officer was approaching a i'm sorry but bernie sanders, going forward. >> i'm sorry i didn't driver who had fled from the understand. and aoc, that will have a really jedediah: i think there's a scene of a car crash. difference here too, between hard time. pete: i think that's who he's bernie sanders making an apology the driver took off on foot and when the trooper caught up with shooting at here and ultimately what he's talking about. for not dealing with a staffer him, the driver shot the it's not that he's suddenly a the way he feels he should have it's not the same thing as moderate. jedediah: although that was a trooper. here is a mugshot of the elizabeth warren coming out good joke. saying by the way i apologize suspect. pete: fantastic but it's that hey these guys can't get elected suspect. for perpetuating a lie about my there was a massive manhunt for and i want a horde core interesg heritage time and time again and him after the office every was using that to gain x, y, and z shot with law enforcement that will be received agencies sharing his picture all differently by voters. over social media. he was taken into custody early pete: yeah, i shouldn't have said all lives matter there's differences you're right. this morning. jedediah: we'll turn to it's not clear why he shot at headlines for you now starting with a fox news alert. the state trooper or why he fled a texas trooper is fighting for
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from the accident. his life after being shot twice, fox news has confirmed from the near the u.s. mexico border texas department of public overnight. the officer is out of surgery safety that he ask a u.s. is a . but in critical condition. texas authorities say victor gor citizen, a resident of dina shot the trooper after running from a car crash. edinburgh. >> reminds you the job they do, he is in custody and police on or near the board or or confirm he is a u.s. citizen. anywhere with leufort incurs a ton of risk. and ex-democratic staffer pleads we're thinking about him today. guilty during the brett >> that's why they call it a kavanaugh hearing, and he thin blue line every day. >> the president yesterday admitted to adding phone numbers and home addresses to the reacting to ongoing developments wikipedia pages of five on the border and he took to republican senators and also admitted to making breaking into twitter as he often does talking about the threats at the a senator's office to get southerner border. sensitive information and he talk about the redeployment looking at four to five years in prison. of more agent to the border officials are considering the next legal step after a judge saying we've redeployed 750 blocks a measles emergency agent to the specific ports of declaration and the new york entry to help with the large county had bans on vaccinated scale surge of illegal migrants minors from public places amid a trying to make their way into measles outbreak. the court ruled that the county the united states. this will cause traffic delays 's 167 measles cases do not amount to an epidemic. until mexico is able to use its the county executive may issue powerful common sense law to
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another declaration and those are your headlines. stop illegals from coming into big controversy that measles the u.s. from mexico and moving stuff and how to handle it. them back to their country of but that's story is not going origin. we're focusing on border away. pete: not at all neither is in security, not ports of entry. my memory kyle guy sinking it. griff, yesterday we were talking griff: if you missed that one. about he's giving mexico a jedediah: it's closer than mine would have been i'll tell you chance to address this but doubling down, we wonder whether that. griff: ms-13 gang members or not they will. >> you have a new president of infiltrating our southern border now using children to exploit our system. pete: our next guest is a former mexico and he came in gang member, his warning, coming proimmigrant and now he seems to have realized the situation, the up, next. if you do laser hair. serseriousness of it. for men. what's interesting is when i was notice that my hips are off the ground. talking to president trump i [ engine revving ] said, do you feel like the democrats are finally coming around to realizing this is a and then, i'm gonna pike my hips back into downward dog. crisis any way you cut it. it doesn't appear the democrats [ rhythmic tapping ] are there yet. that's what he told us. hey, the rain stopped. however the media seems that -a bad day on the road still beats a good one off it. they may be coming around a little bit if you look at the -tell me about that dental procedure again! head lines. this is the washington post, as -i can still taste it in my mouth! -progressive helps keep you out there.
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trump wrestles with immigration, experts say his policies have made things worse. politico, yes, there's a crisis on the border and it's trump's fault. >> now there's a crisis and it's all trump's fault. do i have that right? >> you have that correct. >> thank you for clarifying that media. it's important to note that trump has made headway with mexico and giving credit where it's due. even though it's been a few days, having some support from that side, it shows the willingness from the president so say you know what, i took a tough stand, i did make a threat to close the border. he's not kidding around and it's important to show that he appreciates that. >> it's a tough spot for him. when you maim the border your emphasis but the laws haven't caught up to that emphasis, you create an environment where people rush to get in while they still can before the laws
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change. a sheriff in arizona said after working the border for three and a half decades, he's paying close attention. watch. >> 35 years on this board are i'm worried. really worried where this country is going and where we're at. i'm worried about our communities, i'm worried about our families and americans. i'm worried about cbp, the border patrol agents, the sheriff that stand united with them that are watching this crisis that's not being solved, not being taken care of. and the support from our president, we appreciate that but where the heck is congress. why is congress not step in. >> how about this. where is, you know, the i'm not really a, i thought wall street guy.ns.y mouth! democrats -- the immediate ised what's the hesitation? admitting that there's a crisis eh, it just feels too complicated, you know? but yet it's president trump's well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman? hey, ian. you know, at td ameritrade, we can walk you
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through your options trades step by step fault. until you're comfortable. >> you have to hold the republicans accountable too i could be up for that. that's taking options trading from wall st. to main st. though. this went on for so long and hey guys, wanna play some pool? nobody addressed this. this is a republican problem, a eh, i'm not really a pool guy. what's the hesitation? democrat problem. president trump made this is key it's just complicated. step-by-step options trading support from td ameritrade issue in his campaign but that is president trump. you cannot say the republican party has been trying to address (gasp) this immigration issue for (singsong) budget meeting! sweet. years. because they didn't. if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. both parties have to come to the it's no wonder everything seems a little better table and assist the president with the creamy taste of philly, in securing the border and made with fresh milk and real cream. supporting the border patrol agents and these sheriffs. you feel their energy that they don't understand why they're not getting the support they need to protect the country. >> griff, have you met a border patrol che chief or sheriff that doesn't want. >> no. but i also haven't met a griff: the border patrol sound ing a new alarm on the new methods illegals are using to democrat that thinks there's a exploit our broken immigration crisis. president obama is now weighing system. in. >> we have not heard from him in >> we had an ms-13 member that was part of a fake family you a while. >> he's not talking about the know. we intercepted the communication
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border but he's talking about he was senting back to central what's happening in his own party. america. basically, telling them, that here is president obama speaking right now, if you use a child out in berlin talking about his own party, progressives, the that's going to be the easiest left going too far. way for you to get into the >> one of the things i do worry united states because they recognize that there are gaps in our policies. griff: our next guest has inside about sometimes among knowledge of how these gangs progressives in the united operate in his new book, former states, maybe it's true here as gang member casey diaz warns of well, is a certain kind of the dangers hidden in plain sight on our southern border. casey joins us good morning, rigidity where we say oh, i'm thank you very quickly i want to tell people your story you were sorry, this is how it's going to be and then we start sometimes born in el salvador you moved to creating what's called a los angeles how do you end up in circular firing squad where you a gang? >> just parents that worked, my start shooting at your allies mom worked very early in the morning, came back really late because one of them is straying at night, 11:00 and then a father that was just an alcoholic and was never there, from purity on the issues. so, you know, i was left and when that happens, typically unsupervised for a long period of time. griff: and obviously, we don't the overall effort and movement even need to recap how dangerous weakens. >> i wonder who he's alluding to and violent these gangs are by the way for the record you were not a member of ms-13 but a
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there. >> it's also very easy to talk similar one. when you saw the story that about yua unifying and let's get gangs are using children now to everybody on the same page when exploit our system does that surprise you, should we be you're no longer a politician and you don't have to duke out alarmed? >> i think you should be very the fights with the senate and alarmed. the house op representatives. the times have changed. >> jiede joe biden has been goig twenty years ago, there was even lines that we as gang leaders through a lot this past week and and gangs in los angeles could not cross and now, you have no comment. he could have come out and said gangs like ms-13 exploiting children and sex trafficking and this is, it's a whole different joe biden is a great guy. kind of animal and evil. griff: sure, casey when you say >> i love that. lines, what lines are you >> he see as party moving so far talking about? >> well you know, we weren't to the left that it's going to allowed to do any type of crime become this really negative thing going into a primary. that had to deal with children or women, so there was that kind your point is a valid one. of respect even within organized i was understating it a little crime inside prison, and bit. if president obama would have everything that was run from the gone on the stage and endorsed prison yard to the streets in joe biden, it would have cleared los angeles, it was run from a 8 the field, put behind him the x 10 cell so there were rules
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hugging problem and shifteds that you just didn't want to break and then get arrested for. the trajectory. here he is criticizing but yet griff: casey president trump is taking a lot of heat for prais because he doesn't want to weigh in on the primary, he could have ing the alarm on ms-13 gang put the party on a central members coming across and he's been attacked for calling them democratic track and he didn't. animals. do you see these ms-13 gang >> ladies and gentlemen, president obama is now your members as animals? centrist in the democratic >> absolutely. party. this is so funny. they have broken every rule, just a few years ago you were even in that culture, and i talking about him being a community organizer and now he's think that president trump is looking at his party, hold on a doing an excellent job in calling it out. second. we got to move to the middle. calling it what it is. you know, there should be >> he wants democrats to talk absolutely zero sympathy towards any kind of activity like that about extending obamacare, that has to do with crimes extending the legacy of his against kids. policies. instead they're talking about griff: casey diaz, thanks for things . >.>> way past what he did. joining us telling us the real story your book, my life as a latino gang member, important for folks to read to understand >> we've got headlines to follow what's happened thank you, sir. >> thank you so much for having that up. me. griff: all right well, love is an exdemocrattic staffer pleads in the air. happy days star henry winkler, and his wife celebrating 40 guilty. he admitted to adding phone years of marriage, has the north numbers and addresses to the carolina couple marked their
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82nd wedding anniversary, wow so what's the secret to everlasting wikipedia. love? he's looking at four to five our marriage experts weigh in years in prison. you don't want to miss it. national security adviser >> ♪ i love you baby john bolten warning cuba sanctionsanctions are just the beginning. boll on the tweeting in part the u.s. is prepared to hold accountable any country or company that facilitates the depression of the venezuela people. and now to the final four, texas tech advances to its first ever national title game beating michigan state 61-51. fans go wild flooding streets so how are you enjoying your it's just lovely.ament? and flipping cars. i'm here to let all these folks know how easy it is and virginia squeaks past auburn to save money on their car insurance with geico- thanks to a controversial foul oi oi oi set the pick! call that left a second to go. kick it outside!! watch. >> looking, looking. shoot the three! shoot the three!! it's guy from the corner. for the win. yessssssss!!!!!!
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hold on. did i hear a whistle? are you...ok? we got a foul call. no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. >> 1.5 seconds left. could we get some ice? he got the shot up. just one cube of ice? they called the foul. they were down two. geico®. proud partner of ncaa march madness®. he goes to the free-throw line and kyle guy drains three free-throws leading virginia to the win. they'll play texas tech in the national title game. >> i wish i would have been there. >> really? >> because you were. pete went to the game. >> it was a last-minute thing. it was me and my dad and two oldest boys. last hch minute decision. my boys both love virginia, i don't know why. >> let me tell the story quickly. pete gets a phone call after the show yesterday. amanda's mom's appointment hello mom. yesterday he buys tickets for just got rescheduled - for today. his father and sons to go to the amanda needs right at home. game and gunner, his oldest son our customized care plans provide as much says dad, i wish you could be - or as little help - as her mom requires. there. what does pete do, pick up the whether it's a ride to the doctor or help around the house.
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phone, got a ticket there and oh, of course! gets back in town. tom, i am really sorry. i've gotta go. it was great game. also father of the year award. look, call right at home. >> just was a fun moment. get the right care. right at home. it was nail biter all of the way and they pulled it out. >> you couldn't tell. >> i didn't know it was a foul in the moment. we were in the. >> talk about nerves of steal. kei guy drains two on the line with 0.6 seconds. >> what it take to make those free-throws, jed. the media claiming for months that our economy is approaching a decline. does the strong march jobs report end that narrative for good? we're breaking down the numbers, that's next. ♪ ♪
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pete: welcome back a couple quick headlines two college students are accused of scamming apple out of nearly $1 million with counterfeit iphones and officials say the oregon pair would send fake phones back to apple claiming they didn't work and then the company would send them real phones, which they would sell. sounds like a scam to me. and the army shows off new virtual reality headsets, that microsoft workers protested and the microsoft design system gives soldiers more information and a better look at their
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surrounding and some microsoft employees wanted the company to back out of the contract calling headsets weapons. wow, last i checked they were an american company but jedediah down to you. jedediah: thanks, pete, well love is in the air. happy days actor henry winkler recently sharing the secret behind his 40 year marriage with his wife stacey saying simply they truly enjoy each other. griff: more remarkable this north carolina couple recently celebrating 82 years of marriage telling reporters they are best friends. jedediah: so what are other secrets to everlasting love? dr. ron wells is the author of 10 choices successful couples make and he joins us now with his advice thanks so much for being here, doctor. now i have been married just over a year, so far so good. i think i'm doing well. tell me what i need to do to make this marriage last. >> i think there's a couple of models of marriage in america now. one focuses on what i want and one focuses on what my partner
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wants and i really think it's powerful if you can try to support your partner, think about their needs before your own and try to find a way you can have it not just be all about me. jedediah: that's unselfish instead of selfish. griff: numb ben: tour praise instead of criticism, ron i've been married 20 years to the long-suffering mrs. jenkins i jokingly say that because i travel so much for this job, but sometimes, you know, finding a way to praise, to be kind take a cockroach can survive submergede guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. the positive instead of negative yeah, wow. is important. >> what's hard is when you criticize you need like five positive things to make up for one negative so by the time you said a couple things in the morning you have to get busy and say positive before the evening is up. griff: how important is to not getting in today. recognize not to dwell but in my not on my watch. 20 years of marriage there have pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. been moments where kathleen will terminix. defenders of home. say that was mean, that was really uncalled for and it's sort of a reset button. >> it's important to be able to say it outloud and identify this is really something that hurt me
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and now let's work through the since the election we've forgiveness process to put that created more than 5.5 million behind us. jedediah: you have number three as process versus content, can new jobs, including 600,000 you explain that? >> i teach a marriage class and we talk about this all the time. manufacturing jobs. things that nobody would have it's much more monday to talk allowed me to say on the tab how you communicate than campaign trail. what your conflict is so if you they would have said oh, he talk about communicating briefly exaggerates. , communicating clearly, >> that was the president yesterday. while many in the media claiming delivering it without a tone of for months that our economy was voice or attitude that makes your message go away you can probably headed for a decline. really help the person feel there's no way that the good honored. griff: this is my favorite one a times could keep rolling. niagara falls analogy and i have but did a solid march jobs been in that wooden barrel report just reject that headed toward the falls a lot and somehow got out. narrative? >> susan lee joins us now. >> conflict feels like that welcome. >> i would agree. right? it's like the falls are just pulling you over the falls but look at the wage growth that we way up river it's calmer, you saw. we haven't seen 3% wage growth can get in-n-out of the water in a decade. and if you can learn to find the warning signs before going over congratulations, american, niagara falls do something about you're earning. the conflict before it gets out and people say that the jobs of control. market is so tight, so strong jedediah: your number five that we might get to 4% wage forgiveness, so important for me the ability to apologize is key, everybody makes mistakes but growth which is great for being able to go and say i was americans, so much higher than wrong, i apologize and get
3:18 am
forgiveness on the other side is how fast inflation is. the only way to do it. if you're making more, prices >> i think if you're going to say i'm sorry you mean i'm are going up. really going to do everything i you're feeling wealthy here, can to be the kind of person spending more and that drives that won't let it happen again the economy. and if you say i forgive you >> why was there so much you'll say i really want to pessimism? >> we saw a really ugly february expect to not do that in the future. griff: and in your 33 years of where we saw only 33,000 dollars marriage is there one moment created and the market jitters that stands out as the most in december when the market significant in terms of that true key to success? >> you know, there were times filter into the real economy as people stop when i realized i had to look at spending. there were concerns but i would myself in the mirror, look at my say basically this job report wife and say i need to be a better man and the kind of was necessary to show them, to husband you deserve and if you alleviate the secession nair can look at yourself rather than calls that it's okay, we're trying to fix your partner things go better. jedediah: great point we also creating 180,000 jobs on average want to ask viewers for your in the first three months of suggestions on love many of you this year, yes, less than 2018. have been married for a really long time, i've been married for a year tell me what are your secrets. griff: very quickly, happy wife and i would say on a wage basis happy life is that legit? it's better than okay. >> it's all about choices. because you're actually making jedediah: i can say that already more than 4% according to the >> it's all about choices every day make a choice to love your federal reserve with the aging problem las vegas and thagingpo. partner. griff: the book is 10 choices for successful couples make, get
3:19 am
young people, that's where you see your largest faster wage it, congratulations, thank you. >> thank you very much i appreciate it. jedediah: democrats demanding growth. trump's tax returns but do swrr encouraging for u.s. spending and the economies. americans even care about them? griff: well i hit the streets to >> if you look at the number, president trump 4.1%, clinton find out. >> not so concerned with his tax returns, more concerned about how effective he is in this country. >> i think it's very important, 6.4%, reagan 8.9%, and the list transparency always talking about it being real. goes on, if you look at those >> not really. t's be honest. numbers, it looks like president trump is doing quite well. safe drivers shouldnt have to pay are people predicting a as much for insurance... pessimistic outlook because as not safe drivers! they're hopeful of that? that's why esurance has drivesense.® are some in the media saying you the safer you drive, the more you save. although i'm not really driving right now want the president to do as that would be unsafe. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. well. is that why? >> i a lot of 0 hi a lot of hisg ignored. manufacturing is booming. and so is construction.
3:20 am
the manufacturing jobs saw the longest winning streak in terms of jobs since the 1990s. last year over 2,000 mferring jobs, created, the most in 20 years. and also don't forget that we have manufacturing wages going up. construction, home building 1.2 million a month. twice what it was in 2009. >> an amazing point. thank you. >> appreciate it. the crisis at the border is at a breaking point. so how did we get here? >> we look at the broken immigration laws and loopholes and how we can fix them coming up next. (danny) let me get this straight. after a long day of hard work... have to do more work? (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally!
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jedediah: welcome back. the fight continues over president trump's tax returns. democrats demanding copies, i to help you look and feel like a team. voting for your favorite has never been easier. just say "vote for world of dance" into your xfinity v-mo. love when the prompter just um jennifer, it's called a voice remote, not a v-mo. keeps rolling and there's nothing there, and do americans yeah, i just think v-mo has a nicer ring to it. even care about them? so, just say "vote for world of dance" griff: so we hit the streets to talk to americans to find outdo into your xfinity v-mo to choose your xfinity fan favorite they care? here we go this is what they to join the world of dance experience said. on my "it's my party" summer tour. trump's taxes, how important is it to you to see president's tax cast your vote by saying "vote for world of dance" returns? >> it's not really important. into your xfinity x1 voice remote. or as j-lo likes to call it, your v-mo. >> definitely he should show them. transparency. >> i'm not so concerned with his tax returns more concerned with how effective he is in this country. >> i think it's very important, transparency. always talking about it being welcome back. real. a couple of quick head lines for >> not at all. >> not really important. you. president trump may soon pay a >> would you like to see it? >> yeah, why not. second visit to the queen.
3:24 am
london's sunday times reporting griff: do you care about seeing uk and u.s. officials have been president trump's tax returns? >> no. planning a second state visit since late last year. griff: do you think he should the queen is expected to show it? >> at this point i'm so sick of formally invite the president in all of the political game going on from both sides of the aisle the coming days and it will that i just tune it in-n-out at likely coincide with the 75th this point. griff: just out of curiosity? anniversary of d day in june. >> i think what they are doing tuesday is election day for is wrong. >> there's so much bad about him it's not like not a big israel prime minister netanyahu. story. >> it's not constitutionally on saturday he vowed to annex required. jewish settlements in the west griff: that's correct. bank. if he wins election for the do you think president trump fifth time, the policy shift is should have to show his tax a final push to rally voters in returns? >> absolutely. a seemingly tight race. absolutely. >> i'm not really concerned >> i as the border crisis reachs with it. all i know is that he's making america great and that's all i need. >> i feel like if there's a breaking point, president trump calls for an end to the nothing to hide then why laws and loopholes creating it. wouldn't he be like here you go. griff: do you think that's a >> you catch them and release waste of taxpayer money? >> we've wasted enough money already i think we need to get them. on the business. >> they're wasting time, a lottery. you pick out a name. and the asylum program is a they're wasting money absolutely griff: do you care about seeing president's tax returns? scam. >> your president's tax returns how stupid can we be to put up with this.
3:25 am
>> this is a history here and griff: yes. >> oh, no. here to break it down is griff: we not only give you resident follow and law and bagpipes and drums for trump's taxes take it away. >> [bagpipe music playing] policy andrew, good morning to you. >> thank you for having me. >> we've heard so much about this, the president, we hear border patrol officials have griff: well it's not the president's tax returns but it's told me that. let's break this down. pretty darn awesome, thank you. first and foremost, catch and release. tell me what this is and why it so yes. jedediah: good job. griff: it seems like more people matters. >> catch and release is a policy didn't really care than do care, so you see the i like trump or i under which aliens who are don't like trump but the fact is apprehended entering the united the president says he's under states immediately are quickly freed and allowed to go into the audit and that he can't and meanwhile, the house democrats, interior of the united states the ways and means committee the where they may wait up to eight most powerful house committee years for their hearings to subpoenaing the irs if the irs occur. basically they get a free pass releases the president's tax into the united states and stay returns it would be here indefinitely. unprecedented. jedediah: i think it's like 50/ >> in the last three months 50, some people just want it released because they want the transparency others just want the issue off the table so they roughly 125,000 mie grant family units have been released into figure if he releases them the u.s., into the fabric of our people will stop talking about it and others are just like this communities, and it is because of what we hear, what's called doesn't matter to me i'm more focused on the issues facing the the flores settlement. country, the economy the border.
3:26 am
pete: it seems like ambivalence >> the flores settlement and maybe curiosity and hard agreement was signed by janet core haters want it so they can use it against him. reno. jedediah: so they can go through in 2016 the court of appeals for with a highlighter and figure the ninth circuit interpreting out how can i. that 19-year-old settlement griff: if he ever releases it, agreement saying that no minor it would be a headline. could be detained by dhs for jedediah: oh, it sure would, big time. we will turn to headlines for more than 20 days. you now, university of hawaii because we don't separate comirn student is dead after collapsing during a workout on campus. children from their parents, what? witnesses told local media that they means the parents get the 18-year-old male fell to the released. floor after using one of the we've seen reportings. we're seeing men show up with machines at the student rec children knowing they're going center and in a statement to get released into the united the school said, "this is a states within 20 days where they terrible tragedy and our hearts go out to the students family can go and work and make ten and friends." times the wages here that they and a fan was arrested after make back home. >> the claiming of asylum which tackling legendary pro wrestler seems to be the majority of the brett heart during his speech at people coming here. the wwe hall of fame and the explain what i that is and that moment was captured during a they're trying to do. live broadcast from brooklyn, >> most aliens who are new york. and they posted video of the apprehended entering illegally along the border is supposed to chaotic scene as wrestlers and security took down the attacker be subject to exme dieted and he was not seriously hurt. removal, where we quickly remove it's unclear why the man went
3:27 am
them from the united states. after him. he is charged with assault and but there's an exception. you assert that you want to apply for asylum or have a fear trespassing. griff: unclear. jedediah: listen up parents a of being sent back home, you're new survey says your kid trusts put in front of an asylum social media more than you. officer where you have an 89% that's a problem at least when it comes to booking a vacation, chance of being found to have credible fear and you're likely 44% of millennials say they would consult instagram over released in the united states. family and friends when it comes in 2011 1% claimed credible to traveling to a foreign country the agency says fear, last year it was 18% of millennials should still do their homework as digital people who claimed credible fear. influencers may not always have >> we hear seren visa lottery ad interest. you don't say! this next story will make you smile one california hospital is letting its youngest patients drive these mini cars into chain migration. >> visa lottery is where we surgery. doctors say it helps patients reduce stress and fear before going into the operating room. the hospital has a black allow 50,000 apply for a mercedes and pink volkswagen each equipped with a stereo, visa. basically it's a free pass to horn and working lights that is the united states for this population of people. totally awesome. pete: super cool, if you sit for a moment and think about what the fellow that's been charged with killing eight people on a young children go through. jedediah: unbelievable. bike path in new york city on pete: i can't even imagine it. jedediah: the children and their
3:28 am
parents and their families, so halloween 2017 he got in through anything that can brighten those the visa lottery. not a surprise. a lot of the countries from days. griff: so important. how about this weather though oh which terrorists come are major , my gosh, rick? pete: thank you happy? lottery winners. >> chain migration very quickly. pete: yes. jedediah: it's not bad. >> a process by which family rick: jedediah is not really happy. members in the united states can jedediah: i've got two sweaters petition for other family on. rick: it will cool down a little members cocommembers to come tod bit again as well. we're not there, we're not over the hump but we're getting there states. they don't have to have skills , over and over time here, and abilitiese abilities, they o things will improve. take a look at the weather map and show you what's going on have a family member. >> we'll see if congress gets temperature wise, pretty nice start, at least across the anything done and changes some of those laws. eastern part of the country thank you, sir. definitely across the southeast >> thank you, griff. 62 as you wake up in atlanta we democrats want to see do have big storms down across president trump's tax returns parts of the southeast, across but do the american people mid atlantic towards northeast really care? i hit the streets to find out. coastal areas you'll be fine >> not so concerned with the tax temps are great see the showers returns. moving in later on in the day i'm more concerned with how moving towards the north east coast all areas by tomorrow, big effective he is in this country. >> i think it's very important, storms this morning across parts of south texas throughout the transparent city. day today that moves across east >transparency. texas and across arkansas, louisiana, some of those will be >> not really important. severe, and eventually, they
3:29 am
will move towards areas farther off towards the southeast as well and towards the northern plains it's very warm today, enjoy it, by wednesday, into friday, a big storm moves in, and that across the west is southwest looking great big rain , in fact flooding across parts of oregon likely today. guys, back to you. pete: rick thanks very much. well, if you don't have fox nation you got to get it. it is netflix for patriots and conservatives if you have it you'll get a chance to see a new documentary i selfishly love it's one of the projects i'm most proud of called battle in the holy city. we spent a number of days in jerusalem getting exclusive access and interviews to one of the most consequential places on the planet. here is a small preview. >> the history of jerusalem is as long as the history of humanity. wars, conquests, massacres, but does the history matter as much today as it did over the millennium?
3:30 am
battle in the holy city is a story about the undercurrents on the surface things may still look still but underground a silent battle is being waged for control of jerusalem. pete: the minute you think you know jerusalem, king david, the place where jesus was crucified, the place where now muslims control the temple now, all those currents are happening and big forces underground are trying to pick whose going to be in control of jerusalem, it's not just the politicians. it's happening in realtime. griff: when you're in that city, really, it feels unlike any other. the dynamics. pete: oh, my goodness it's like going back in time. it's also like feeling like you're in the middle of the universe it really is. there's so much focus there. it comes out april 11 on thursday. jedediah: i can't wait. pete: on fox nation it's worth the time folks if you don't have fox nation this is just one of them there's a lot of great stuff like this on that platform griff: you have to go to fox news and get the app. pete: put it on your iphone, ipad, tv whatever it is. jedediah: can't wait to see it.
3:31 am
pete: passover, easter, palm sunday is coming up. it's fitting. jedediah: great job, pete. democrats are ramping up their anti-trump rhetoric heading into 2020. >> the most dangerous, dishonest president in american history. >> president trump is tearing apart the moral fabric of this country. griff: so is that really a winning strategy? laura trump here to react, next. >> ♪ anything could happen, anything could happen ♪
3:32 am
. the last eight presidents have released their tax forms. and we think here that there is a mechanism where these forms could be reviewed in a nonpartisan basis open then we would have a chance to decide from there what to do with them. >> i got elected. they elected me. now they keep going. i'm under audit. when you're under audit you don't do it. >> that's the chairman of the
3:33 am
house ways and means committee, the most powerful committee in the house of representatives saying that he wants to see the tax returns. >> and you actually hit the streets of new york, you got out i wanted more from my copd medicine... there to find out how people really feel about this issue. ...that's why i've got the power of 1-2-3 medicines with trelegy. do they care, do they not care. >> yeah. i mean they're still asking. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. >> what did you find? >> i don't know. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 let's watch. ♪ ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy >> trump's taxes. how important it is to you to see the president's tax returns. with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. >> it's not really important. >> definitely he should show trelegy works 3 ways to... them. transparency. airways,... >> i'm not concerned with the ...keep them open... tax returns. ...and reduce inflammation... i'm more concerned with how ...for 24 hours of better breathing. effective he is in this country. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler >> i think it's very important. for sudden breathing problems. transparency. trelegy is not for asthma. always talking about it being real. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition >> not really important. >> yeah, why not. or high blood pressure before taking it. >> do you care about seeing do not take trelegy more than prescribed. president trump's tax returns? >> no. >> i want to see my tax returns. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. >> you think he should show call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling,.. them. >> yes. ...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. >> i'm sick of the political game going on from both sides of think your copd medicine is doing enough? maybe you should think again. the aisle i tune out at this
3:34 am
point. ask your doctor about once-daily >> just out of curiosity but i trelegy and the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 think what they're doing is wrong. >> it's not a big story. save at >> it's not constitutionally required. >> do you think president trump should have to show his tax returns? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> i'm not really concerned with it. all i know is that he's making america great. that's all i need. >> i just feel like if there's up. no -- if there's nothing to hide up. down. why wouldn't he be hike here you down. ah ah! that's one. up. go. >> do you think that's a waste of taxpayer snun. that's two. down. >> we've wasted enough money down. already. we need to get on to business. get down, get down. >> they're wasting time and money absolutely. >do you careabout seeing the prx returns? >> your president's tax returns? pete: welcome back. not particularly, no. well 2020 democrats ramping up >> we now give you bag pipes and their anti-trump rhetoric on the drums for trump's taxes. campaign trail. >> donald trump the most take it away. dangerous dishonest president in ♪ ♪ the history. >> president trump is tearing
3:35 am
>> well it's not the president apart the moral fabric of this ice tax returns but it's pretty country. >> he's asking to choose darn awesome. thank you. >> that's kind of what i cruelty. i want you to choose compassion. expected you to find. it's kind of a 50/50 and i thind >> asylum seekers animals and an infestation and we would not necessarily move the needle on be surprised if other human how people feel about president trump because they're focused on beings were described as an the issues. but when some people put it out infestation. pete: there you have it here to react is laura t, president there to get it off of the table so we're not talking about it, trump's daughter-in-law and a the transparency component. trump 2020 campaign advisor >> it's not constitutionally thanks so much for being here. >> absolutely. required. pete: so the rhetoric just when that's an important part. there's a statement we have the it can't get hotter they start from president trump's comparing immigration policy to attorneys, the ways and means nazi germany. >> well of course what's interesting pete is you notice committee subpoenaed the irs to they can't attack the president on his policy, on anything that release. here's what the lawyers say, if he's done for this country, because i think they know what a the irs acquiesces to chairman good job he has done. you look at the economy, the kneel's precedent, the ensuing jobs coming back to this country , the low unemployment in tit for tat will do lasting this country the fact that so many more people have a better damage to our nation, pointing out. outlook economically and really >> i want to see nancy pelosi's for the future of this country, so what are they going to attack tax returns. i want to see everybody's tax him on? returns. they default to nazi germany, where does that end? this is, you know, they attack >> they'll argue that those
3:36 am
people aren't running for his character, and i think that president and that if you're running for president. it's very transparency for >> she's third in line for the people. i don't think people are presidency. i want to see your tax returns. impacted by that but listen >> i want to see pete me pete hs we'll all be in for it a little while longer. pete: joe biden is not yet a candidate but recently we've seen some pretty strong back and forth, joe biden between the president and joe biden, as well as the accusations that joe tax returns. biden is facing. >> e-mail us. do you think he gets in and how how important it is to you. a fan is arrested after is he? >> well it will be interesting attacking rick hart during his to see now, and listen, when it speech at the wwe hall of fame. comes to all of this stuff, i the moment was briefly captured always look at the timing of during the live broadcast from things. brooklyn, new york. joe biden has been in the public fans posted video of the chaotic space for decades now. it's interesting, pete, that all scene as wrestlers and security of anounce a presidential officers took down the attacker. it's not clear why he went after run, all of this comes out and people are making a big deal him. he's charged with assault and about it. this is something people have trespassing. the ride or die life of been saying about joe biden convicted drug lord el chapo forever, so you can't discount the fact that possibly some of could face legal troubles. his opponents might not like to run against him he's very she's being investigated for popular within the democrat party. we're not worried about it if conspiracy. a witness accused emma of joe biden gets in we'll deal
3:37 am
with him if we need to we'll see who their nominee is going to end up being but it doesn't helping with construction o. worry us at all. pete: there are a lot of she has not been charged with a different combinations when you look at a general election crime. the mistress of amazon ceo usually it's just a republican or a democrat here on the fox news channel we hosted a town jeff ba bezos files for divorcee hall, brett and martha did, with howard schultz former starbucks day after he filed for divorce ceo, your take on how he could from his wife. she's making her split official be a factor in the race where he on friday. would get in as an independent? it was revealed in january that >> well i think the democrats are very worried about him bezos and san chos has been possibly running as an independent. i think they see him as possibly dating for months. taking a lot of folks votes away and joe biden gets the snl from them. now, when you actually look at treatment after a rough couple how far left so many of them are of weeks. >> if you're really going to run , i mean, it would be a in 2020 you have to change the default for so many. i think, to vote for him that way you interact with women. >> okay. the last thing i ever want to do consider themselves very hard core democrats, so if i were on is offend anyone. the democrat side i would be >> that's why we've brought in a very worried about howard consultant who handles schultz getting in. pete: one thing you're worried sensitivity training. about briefly is fundraising >> former cast member jason so last cycle in 2016 the president day kis portraying biden taking was able to beat hillary clinton even though she almost out- part in sensitivity training.
3:38 am
raised him 2:1 in this cycle he's come under fire accused of you guys are planning to raise inappropriate touching. those are your headlines. $1 billion. >> well we are very proud of our fundraising we've had sometimes snl is funny. historic fundraising so far and we're just starting this it's a hit or miss for me. campaign cycle as everyone sees >> they should do more on both and we're proud of the fact that sides. >> biden is full of material. the vast majority, 96% of the >> i wonder how their ratings money that we raise at the trump campaign comes from low-dollar are with the games. >> that's true. i wonder how the weather is. >> when is the last time you donors so donors of less than $100 and that tells us that we watched and entire "saturday have the people behind us he is doing everything he promised the nightlife." >night live ." american people in 2016 >> i used to watch it and i delivering results and they want to see him in there and don't really. >> at least the first half, support him so we're excited to raise a lot of money. something funny, at least. pete: is 1 billion realistic? >> well we'll see we light to >> temps are getting better set very high expectations for "our bodies, ourselves" and if across the northeast. we get there, right, if not nice across the south. obviously 2016 we had a fraction big storms yesterday, one across of the money that the clinton campaign had, but we had the texas, flooding in texas. american people behind us so this is what's left of it, some that's what matters. of the storms in arkansas this pete: very good bernie sanders morning are severe. brought in 18 million last and in south texas seeing big quarter, so still -- storms there. >> he's going to spend that also in parts of the northern plains, right now we have rain, with the other democrats in the
3:39 am
we've had all of that flooding primaries. let them spend that money. across parts of the area. pete: laura thank you very much we have a big storm headed there appreciate it. more coming up on this sunday morning it's finally warming up this week. now it's time to get outside and tuesday through friday, looking play we've got the coolest kid's for a foot, foot and a half of snow in places like minneapolis. toys for your backyard better your backyard than mine we'll pete, i said that for you to see bring them to you. if you're paying attention. >> really? >> ♪ down on american kids, >> there you go. around minneapolis. growing up in little pink houses >> my parents were hoping to move on, the law. >> snow in minneapolis is ♪ - my family and i did a fundraiser walk beautiful. it's not like snow in new york. >> snow in april is never beautiful. >> no snow. well, democrats saying sorry a lot lately. >> sorry i didn't understand more. >> i am not a tribal citizen. i am sorry. >> i'll be much more thoughtful going forward. >> david webb says they're becoming the party of apologies.
3:40 am
3:41 am
in honor of my dad, who was alzheimer's. i decided to make shirts for the walk with custom ink, and they just came out perfect. - [announcer] check out our huge selection of custom apparel for every occasion. you'll even get free shipping. get started today at
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jedediah: well the weather is finally warming up which means it's time to get the kids back outside. here with some of the biggest, and coolest toys for your backyard, marissa, editor in chief of the toy insider i am so excited about all these toys. >> i know. jedediah: first we have the splash water park which i want very badly. >> right? jedediah: do kids love this? >> yes look how amazing this is
3:43 am
how could you not love it? it's super tall the hose hooks into it and you have a pool at the end, a rock climbing wall a slide that you can slide down and even a water blaster. jedediah: this is amazing. . welcome back. little climb, little slide. i hope it can hold my weight because i'm taking this on and former auburn football coach then we've got the ninja warrior tommy tuberville is running for , tell us how this works senate. we have two competitors here, the coach announcing he's ready to go. running as a republican for the >> ready to go so this is the alabama seat once held by jeff competition set for american sessions. ninja warrior are you ready? if he wins the primary he will complete the obstacle course. face democratic senator doug 1, 2, 3, go! jones. jump over this, jump rope. and legendary college basketball coach bobby knight griff: oh, boy. makes his first public >> you have to hop scotch appearance at indiana university through these little circles. since his firing nearly 19 years ago. he was seen riding in a golf so much fun keeping kids busy cart before watching a hoosiers all summer long. game from the press box griff: awesome! yesterday. he was fired if 2000 for an pete: one leg does not count. alleged confrontation with a student. he won 11 big ten titles at jedediah: you already lost, pete it was a good effort. yesterday not a bad try. indiana. >> and a friend of the this is the not hawk. president. democrats in a sorry state this is like something i had pushing to distance themselves when i was a kid that i loved. from the missteps of the past. yes, this is nighthawk and it's
3:44 am
super cool goes up to six miles >> to the women in our campaign an hour and kids, there's no who were harassed or mistreated, steering wheel so go ahead. jedediah: how much is this by i apologize. the way? >> this is about 149. >> i am not a tribal citizen. jedediah: oh, okay. look at it go. i am sorry that i extended wow! >> once you get going you have a lot of room to ride and it really goes so it's a lot of fun confusion. >> i will not say that again but jedediah: now i like giant size i'll will be much for thoughtful toys these soccer balls. going forward. >> sorry i didn't understand >> i have the perfect thing for you. jedediah: look at this. more. >> david webb host reality check >> this is the for fun jumbo 3n with david webb on fox nation and he joins us now to weigh in. play its got bubbles all over it >> i'm sorry. but its got a great bounce to it am i supposed to be here? too. jedediah: oh, it does and nobody i thought i would get in the will get hurt. spirit of things. >> it's 24.99 so great price >> what do you think about the apology tour? are you excited? point. all right, bubbles. >> here's what's going on in the jedediah: then the bubble blast democratic party. ers. you can't go wrong with a bubble they've played identity blaster for any age here. politics, told everybody where >> look at how much fun they belong and now they're caught in their own trap. everyone is having. jedediah: they've been having a iwhat do you do? blast with his for the last 10 you apologize. but then the logic doesn't minutes. >> that's okay, bubble attack it's amazing these are the blitz bubble blasters and we love
3:45 am
it's a political hit job. these they're amazing. so they're going to have his jedediah: rick saccone currently holding spiderman so what do behavior perceived or rales just these do? after they went after kavanaugh >> yeah, this is a super g during the nomination process wingsuit so we got spiderman, and now it's good to see it turned around on the democrats. and you just turn it on and they it's political pandering, just launch right in the air so insulting to the voters. it's like a boomerang effect. and if i were democratic voters jedediah: so if you point it i would be insulte insulted if k just kind of goes? >> yes there it goes. look at it go. i'm not smart enough to think through myself. >> when you apologize to your nice! well done. that was a good one. base running in a primary, is that something that gains you jedediah: okay so all of these favor? >> you know what, it probably -- pete: does not meet faa does with a few of the regulations. >> not a drone no worries. uninformeinformed voters out th. jedediah: is there one that kids gravitate towards most or is it but for the donors, they don't the kind of thing? >> they're all super fun but really care that much. they're going to back a candidate no matter what. sometimes it's the most simple and if somebody changes a vote because you apologize, i would toys. kids love the bubbles you can't go wrong with that and they are ask that voter if the apology is just $5 perfect for easter what matters, what about the policy sphwhr does it matter baskets too. that biden apologized but then jedediah: that's good. he said i'm not sorry fb my like birthdays, bundle them. >> absolutely. actions because they weren't jedediah: these are really wrong. you have to do a full throa thre awesome i am excited to get all
3:46 am
of these. pete: go for it griff. >> these are scented bubbles too. smell the green? apology. >> can i shake your hand. jedediah: oh, yeah they do smell no i'm going to pull it back. them. thank you so much for joining us i really appreciate it. that's what the biden apology any opportunity to play with is. it doesn't matter. kids toys i love. he's trying to walk both sides coming up, maria bartiromo both of this and it's not going to work. >> president obama was in here. griff: nice job! >> ♪ you make me feel berlin, gave a really interesting speech. take a listen to what he had to fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. say about the left going too far. i want to get your reaction. >> i do worry sometimes among but allstate actually helps you drive safely... progressives in the united states, maybe it's true here as with drivewise. well, is a certain kind of it lets you know when you go too fast... rigidity where we say oh, i'm ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. sorry, this is how it's going to giving you the power to actually lower your cost. be. when that happens typically the unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. overall method and movement weakens. >> president obama the moderate, david, has emerged. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? amazing. >> political scam. progressive political scam is what this is. look, obama was smart.
3:47 am
he learned how to play the game in america to win the election and then rewin election, appealing to people in the center. but the progressives, just like the apologists are committing a political scam. they pretend to be center, pretend to care. let me tell you something, fine. bind thbuy the political bullety the popcorn. i'll watch this every day of the week. let he go after each other. let them apologize, not apologize. because the american people, people in the center, people in the midwest, people frankly in the urban centers are saying, you know what i? i'm not buying this anymore. >> do you think he could be sending a message to the aoc's of the party saying you may have these ideas but you got to get elected. >> of course he is. the one thing he knows is when to get elected. he took his white grandparents and threw them under the bus in philadelphia but before that thanks to priceline they mattered to appeal to the working with top airlines to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals,
3:48 am
midwest. they're not going to run on family reunion attendance is up. policies. they're rupping back to identity we're all related! politics and appeal. yeah, i see it. and because priceline offers great deals >> why hasn't obama come out and by comparing thousands of prices in real time, said anything about biden? sports fans are seeing more away games. >> that's a good question. various: yeah-h-h! wasn't this his best friend. is that safe? oh, y... ahh! joe. i mean standing there at the not at all. no, ma'am. nope. podium. but back to the political scam. and more people than ever are enjoying romantic getaways. if you look at this, biden was a (romantic music) smart pick for the obama team to that's gross win the election. but the relationship, you can priceline. every trip is a big deal. tell the relationship is good usually between a president and vice president based on what happens after they leave office. >> good point. it's way day! thatyes.ross thanks, david. it's wayfair's biggest sale of the year, and you're invited! >> appreciate it. starting april 10, score our lowest prices since black friday have you heard about this on best-selling furniture, decor, and way more. guy? his entire diet consists of only plus, everything ships free on way day. drinking beer during lent. everything? everything. and flash deals launch all day long. no food at all. and he's lost more than hey guys, check out the flash deal i just scored! 30 pounds. >> but is that really a good our biggest sale of the year only lasts 36 hours idea? the doctor is in next. so shop way day starting april 10 at >> it's also natural beer day. ♪ this is not a bed...
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3:50 am
with mattresses by j. d. power. >> not really important. save $400 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. griff: this north carolina couple recently celebrating 82 years of marriage. jedediah: what are secrets to everlasting love. >> if you can look at yourself rather than always fixing yocum r partner things go a lot better >> we got a foul call. >> wow. >> they got all three. >> virginia is heading to its first-ever, national championship. griff: pete went to the game. pete: a last minute thing with my boys and my dad. >> ♪ we go light this up, like it's dynamite, like i told you once now i told you twice, we go light this up ♪ pete: yes the final four is in the books it's texas tech and virginia, because kyle guy was able to make three free throws with no time left on the clock and if you played basketball you envisioned yourself in the final four down by two the crowds watching no time left with i make three free throws and he did it. griff: your sons will never forget this final four because
3:51 am
you jumped on the plane at the last second bought them tickets and you're back here. pete: poor planning leads to a surprise so i should have planned ahead. jedediah: and it's better. you plan poorly and you show up. pete: it was fun we were in the nosebleeds taking in the game and it was a great game if you watched that uva vs. auburn game , it was a tough call on the foul in the three point shot but an amazing game. jedediah: you used to play basketball do you think you could have pulled that off? pete: i'd like to think i could but it's a different ballgame when you've got millions of people and the court to yourself and they're playing at u.s. bank stadium which is a football stadium turned into a basketball arena for three games over the course of the final four, not easy. griff: you talk about a different ballgame it is a different ballgame on the border , because what we were facing is on unprecedented situation where we have these family units coming, and it has created a strain on our border patrol officials you're having to move people to deal with the unprotected areas the ports of entries are slowing down
3:52 am
president trump weighing in yesterday in las vegas listen. president trump: and the asylum program is a scam. some of the roughest people you've ever seen, people that look like they should be fighting for the ufc. >> [laughter] president trump: they read a little page given by lawyers a lot of people give up beer that are all over the place, you for lent but an ohio man is know, lawyers. turning the tables and giving up they tell them what to say. you look at this guy here and everything but beer. say wow that's a tough cookie. >> he's lost more than 30 pounds drinking only beer. i am very fearful for my life. >> fantastic. but is this a good idea? >> [applause] here to discuss is board certified general surgeon president trump: i am very dr. david dupree. worried that i will be accosted. doctor, really, only beer? >> please tell sus this is a bad people said back home, no, no, idea. >> this is a terrible idea. he'll do the a costing. a very bad approach to weight >> [applause] president trump: asylum oh, give loss. him asylum, he's afraid. weight loss is a simple concept, he's afraid. griff: let me give you context basic math. here now we're talking about normally we burn 3500 calories a president trump will be criticized for being insensitive
3:53 am
day. so this guy probably burns here but you can come here from any country if you can make the 3500-calories a day based on his case you have a credible fear age, height and weight. against you in being prosecuted that's called daily energy in your country however what's expenditure. he's burning 3500 calories a day happening on our southern border is that you've got ms-13 gang members as we pointed out on just by existing with no this show on friday gabbing a exercise. child coming in as a family unit he could have the gum my bear saying this is my kid i need to diet if he wanted to. seek asylum for my family, and >> you haven't convinced me at the reality is according to the all. if you could consume any amount officials -- pete: and you talked to them. griff: i talked to them more of whatever you want, as long as it's less than what you're than 90% say they won't qualify for credible fear and that is expending you'll lose weight. why president trump is calling what's wrong with beer? it a scam as far as really >> there's calories and whether or not you're having an carbohydrates but there's also impact, infiltration of a no nutrients. he's drinking two to five beers negative element coming across our border using this process, a day. well, talk to the sheriffs at actually taking in 500-calories. the most local level, like sheriff in arizona he was on the he's burning around 3,000 to show earlier here is what he had 3500 but only taking in 500. to say. typical weight loss based on >> thirty-five years on this border i'm worried i'm really balanced diet if you could cut worried where this country is 1,000 cal calories a day you wod going and where we're at. you know i'm worried about our community, i'm worried about our lose two pounds a week, good
3:54 am
weight loss. >> the key is losing weight families, americans. i'm also worried about cbp, the doesn't always correlate with border patrol agents, our hsi, good health. you could be dropping weight but all of the folks and the sheriff s are standing united with them that are watching this if you're not getting the vie minutes and nutrients you're crisis that's not being solved hurting your body. it's not being taken care of, >> right. and the support from our president, we truly appreciate that, but where the heck is you're better off having congress? snickers bars because you're why is congress not stepping going to get some protein from into this, because we do. the snickers bar. jedediah: so the key here for me >> we talked about the myth of is there are people who are legitimately entitled to asylum who do have credible fear and the sugar rush. what's the truth in. >> the truth is it's a total you have to be able to distinguish those people who myth. never been proven. legitimately do deserve asylum there's multiple studies to from those who are trying to abuse the system. disprove it. there was a recent study out of you can't group them altogether berlin that said that within an but you have to be able to separate it and reform the hour of eating candy your asylum laws so that you are able to distinguish and are able to alertness level actually say okay if you are not qualify decreases and your fatigue level ing for asylum, you can goes up. not utilize the asylum qualities you're more tired if you're to come in here under that. eating candy. >> for than first hour you're pete: that's exactly rightist feeling good. about the exploitation of the >> no. >> not necessarily. system. trump does it in his own way so maybe ten seconds while you're critics will come after him chewing it you feel pretty good. saying he's insensitive and doesn't understand the refugees. >> it's mental. >> i have empirical evidence to he understands people seeking asylum coming from war torn prove that both of my teenage countries america has always
3:55 am
been welcoming and we still are but when you know the system is daughters at a young age were rigged, it's fixed, they know what to say, when to say it and given candy and chocolate and they were unable to deal with. they know by our laws which are insane, that they will be released quickly especially if why were they excited? they have a young child with >> if you left me alone for five them. whether they are family or not minutes with all of this candy i they use that system to get into our country and we don't know would be really happy for five who they are. this is all about whether our minutes and then i would feel border will mean something or not and that's what he's arguing miserable. here. griff: look when i was on the >> if you eat a piece of fruit border in texas last week, there that doesn't cause the same spike in your blood sugar. were a thousand-plus people when i eat an apple i don't feel coming from the central american unhappy. i feel good. countries across-the-boarder and but when i eat chocolate river, say okay take me, right? well here is the deal. sometimes. >> who feels happy eating an you can only holdover 3,000 in apple. >> i do. that sector. an apple a day keeps the doctor pete: yeah. griff: and there's more than away. didn't you learn that? 6,000 backlogged to be processed >> there's a certain amount of so they are literally driving to sugar that we need whether it's the catholic charities church there and just releasing them candy or an apple. into the fabric and they apples are much better. disappear and then show up, or a a higher glycemic index so it's great number don't show up for their actual asylum hearing. easier to burn. so you're talking about when the we need about nine teaspoons of sheriff says congress has to act sugar a day, 150 cal calories. , that's by the border patrol officials say please democrats and republicans roll up your
3:56 am
sleeves and recognize this is real. it's got to be dealt with now in that sounds like a lot. >> doctor, thank you. the numbers are getting worse >> would you pass me a ka ro c, and worse every day. pete: they're setting up daca 2.3 and 3.0 it's a big part of this discussion that will be going forward so a lot of what we've been discussing unfortunately over the last doctor? >> yes. couple of years is the russia >> you ruined his diet. >>. a large scale surge, investigation, robert mueller. jedediah: endless. griff: you're right. president trump blasting mexico pete: thank you for cutting me amid the crisis at the border. off because i wish we could cut an update at the top of the this conversation off. hour. jedediah: [laughter] pete: like done, ended but it ♪ ♪ will not end. listen to a couple of senior democrats talking about what they believe is behind the mueller report. >> every day that goes by, without the american people getting the actual report, the details that you talked about, is indicative of a cover up. >> do you believe that william barr undermined his office? >> oh, there's no question in my mind about that. >> do you suspect he's with led whoing damaging information in the mueller report in order to protect donald trump? >> that's not suspicion. jedediah: it never ends so of course now, barr is being
3:57 am
accused of not properly summarizing the report, now they're having issues with the redactions that are perfectly legal. everything will be an issue and if the report, let me tell you if the full report came out and there were no redactions and it all proved there was no collusion or obstruction there would be something else that would be highlighted in the corner on page, you know, 49 at the top, that they would take an issue with and that would be that. it's never enough that's just the bottom line. griff: what we saw with the democrats there, complaining, you know, barr put out a summary that's four pages. he's being accused of an error of omission of not putting out there these egregious errors. pete: that is by definition what a summary is, omission. griff: if you can go back, you remember barr's confirmation he said i will make public everything i legally can for the transparency for the american people to see. there is no indication that he's not going to do that. it's just the fact that democrat s seem to be complaining now, a little bit of in patience because they want to see it now. pete: we had ken starr on the program he knows a little bit
3:58 am
about investigations. he talked about why bar shouldn't cave. listen. >> william barr is protecting grand jury information. and accused of a crime during my investigation, why? you were revealing disclosing grand jury information. that is the law of the land and what congress, these voices some people in congress are basically saying william barr you're the attorney general of the united states but why don't you commit a crime? william barr under the regulations were in a different regime now is under no such obligations he's already fulfilled his obligation. he's notified and the congress and provided an explanation. he's got to go farther so stay tuned. pete: i asked him at the interview when will this end and he said not until 2020 so as exhausted as we are with this, i sa it because even you're in manhattan if you walk down sixth avenue you won't find somebody obsessed with what's going to p ha in the russia probe. they know it's nonsense, so the longer democrats talk about this
3:59 am
they look small. jedediah: why would william barr mischaracterize the report too? he realizes that the full report is going to come out and then he and if he was completely mischaracterizing it, someone from mueller's team or mueller himself would come out and say that's not true because everybody's credibility is on the line so democrats would think about that coupled with the fact that people want to talk about the issues they want to talk about their taxes, their healthcare, at some point this will have exhausted everyone, where it'll look like democrats only care about investigations and collusion, start talking about what you'll do for the country if you want to win an election not to give them any at side but that's true. . the president talking about griff: let's see what people are the threats that are being faced talking about e-mail us if you're exhausted. jedediah: are you tired? are you as exhausted as the a @southern border. until mexico cleans up the mueller story? pete: and russia if you have the migration we're focusing on mueller report will you e-mail border security. >> i said we're closing the it to us? maybe they had it and everything border. we have to take care of else apparently? didn't they rig everything? ourselves. a suspect wanted for the they might have it maybe william barr sent it to them and if he shooting of a texas state did he should send it to us. trooper is in custody. the trooper is fighting for his
4:00 am
life following surgery for two griff: and that would be great. jedediah: here is some headlines for you starting with a fox news bullet wounds. i'm running for president, alert. a texas trooper is fighting for the first and foremost to try to his life after being shot twice bring this country back together. near the u.s. mexico border the flyover states are going to overnight. the officer is out of surgery start governing in the united but in critical condition. states of america again. >> how important is it to you to texas authorities say he shot see the president's tax returns? the trooper, after running from >> it's not really important. a car crash. he is in custody, police confirm >> i believe he should show them. he is a u.s. citizen. >> not at all. >> not really important. >> hold on, did i hear a and the fbi is helping investigate suspicious fires at whistle? we got a foul call. three historically black he got all three. churches in a 10-day span. virginia is heading to its first they all happened in the same ever national championship game. louisiana parish and the state fire marshall won't say if they are connected but there are similarities. each church was empty at the time of the fires, so luckily no ♪ one was hurt. thousands of venezuelans ♪ >> perfect song. perfect. protesting disputed president >> listen if you're from auburn maduro this weekend. many are suffering from a lack today, you're an auburn fan of food and medicine. you're devastated. the protests come as national if you're a virginia fan, you're psyched. that guy right there kyle guy security advisor john bolton warns cuba that oil sanctions are just the beginning if they sank three free-throws down by two in the final four with the continue to support maduro.
4:01 am
tweeting in part the u.s. is prepared to hold accountable any whole world watching. country or company that smooth as silk. >> do you think kyle guy is facilitates the repression of the venezuelan people. waking up right now watching pete: we'll follow that and to the final four, texas tech "fox & friends" saying did i advances to its first-ever make it? >> a great shooter. national title game, beating the michigan state spartans 61-51, in the new york post says this fans go wild in texas, flooding is kyle guy, he said i could lie to you and say i was going to streets even flipping cars. hit them but i was terrified. >> i like an athlete that can and virginia sweeps past auburn thanks to a controversial foul perform under pressure. some of the athletes get hired, call with less than a second to make a ton of money in the pros go. watch. looking, from the court, for the and they disappoint you when push comes to shove, they don't win. did i hear a whistle? show up-a-rod. pete: he got up underneath him >> no animosity there. just a little bit. look at that. you know he's in his space, and >> perhaps the other shot is guy kind of played the act a pete hegseth going to the game. little bit there. >> it was the last-minute thing kyle guy drains three free with my boys and my dad. throws with .6 seconds left we went to the game where the leading virginia to a 63-62 win final forwas. my kids were cheering for uva. and they playtex as tech for the they were nail biting all the national title on monday and sports channels will be going way down to the pend. wall to wall. i stayed until the end of the jedediah: i love when they bump game and jumped in a cab and
4:02 am
right into someone and they go, came back. i didn't do it. >> you were not planning to go griff: that matters that's to the game. >> very last minute. everyone that watches that will it's one of those moments, the be talking about today and that is whether or not it was a foul. final four, kids are old enough you can see there's pictures of to remember it. it and slow motion all day long. let's take it in. they did not disappoint. pete: that's what i'll say. >> you were put on the spot, you technically it was a foul but in that moment i don't think you bought tickets for your sons and make that call. griff: well the rule is when you jump up to block, if you land dad. your son said we wish you were roughly in the same space according to the ref that was on coming to the game. >> man, i'm going to have to do air, you're not a foul but if this. you jump to block and you're thank you delta air lines and ticketmaster. moving forward it is. we made it had. pete: you do like rules don't a ton of fun. you griff? should we recreate this later on the final game on monday night. in the show? you shoot and i'll try to block? >> just to recap, this was a jedediah: [laughter] game that looked like auburn had it's a foul there you go. pete: lots to talk about today. it wrapped up but all of the and i feel bad for the auburn sudden a turn around. >> i thought it was over. fans and i was pulling for uva, >> there was a foul call, three but whoa they got it taken from free-throws and boom. them. so the economy notching yet that's the story on basketball. another solid jobs report and that's not the only good sign what's the basketball on the for trump's economy. border? >> as we talked about yesterday, so what's the force behind the i had to meet president trump numbers?
4:03 am
griff: well maria bartiromo is out at clek cleks co, californi. breaking down those numbers and she will join us, next. >> ♪ ♪ he was talking about the redeployment. he says we've redeployed agents at the specific ports of entry to help with a surge of illegal immigrants trying to get into the united states. this will cause traffic until such time as mexico is able to use its powerful immigration law to stop people from coming into the u.s. and removing them back to their country of origin. until mexico cleans up the migration, we will focus on border security, not ports of entry. he's reacting to there are some lanes of traffic, in the case of el paso, where they're having to close lanes because of the number of cbp agents to process those. to keep it orderly and with as much border integrity as they can, they've had to narrow the
4:04 am
lanes. it's causing a little bit of delay. but it's because, as i was earlier last week, tuesday, wednesday, we saw the cbp guys in the field because of the unbelievable number of central american families coming across the border. on that day when i was with the cbp agents are more than 1400 came across. >> 750 agents. wow. >> we've heard him, he's made the threat to mexico, fix it in a year were we will close the border. this is putting the squeeze to them. if it's difficult to go back and forth and ports of entry, it's complicated. you have people coming in to the united states to go to work. but if the lines get long people will get frustrated and to the point that mexico will address their own problems. there's only so many levers you pull to try to address the crisis. >> the democrats and the media are going crazy over a comment that president trump used in may
4:05 am
of 2018 when he used the phrase animals. >> a year ago? >> yeah. i kept saying in my twitter feed saying oh, he was talking about asylum seekers. no. he was responding to a question by a sheriff related to ms13 gang members who carve people up with machetes and stab and beat them. >> rape, kill, control is their mantra. this echos around twitter all day yesterday from a phrase from a year ago. this is how the democrats react to a nonnew statement on twitter. kristen gill bran grande gillibn being is an animal. so in this commercial we see two travelers pete buttigieg says you don't at a comfort inn with a glow around them, refer to people as animals. so people watching will be like, you just don't. "wow, maybe i'll glow too and this is particularly who glows? frightening language coming out just say, badda book. badda boom. of the person vested in the presidential office.
4:06 am
>> keep in mind, he's responding to a comment from a sheriff about ms13 gang members. take a listen. >> we have people coming into the country -- trying to come in. we're stopping a lot of them but we're taking people out of the country. you wouldn't believe how bad these people are. these aren't people. these are animals. >> the president saying people trying to come, well, as we pete: well are you tired yet? more winning for the trump pointed out last week, an ms134 economy the newest employment member was apprehended on the report showing continued jobs border with a child saying the gains and wage increases. way to get in the country is to jedediah: here to weigh in bring a child. sunday morning futures host they're coming. >> it's stunning to me, though. maria bartiromo, always a pleasure to have you maria. maria: great to see you guys good morning. media, do and ounce of research. jedediah: can you break this down for us in terms of how we're talking about gang members trump's policies are? that beat people with clubs and maria: absolutely it was a very good number and when you look at carve them up. you cannot equate that saying overall job growth you had better-than-expected numbers up we're talking about asylum 19 6,000 for the month we were seeking children in order to actually expecting a lower disparage the president. number than that so it basically this was an outrageous lapse in indicates that employers are still hiring, and you've got an judgment from so many people who economy where the u.s. is still consider themselves, sometimes very vibrant, even when you're you would consider respectable. seeing weakness in europe and not only using a clip from weakness in china. the good news here, i like this
4:07 am
may 2018 as if it's any but all report a lot because it shows of that time lapsed and you growth, but it doesn't show any inflation, and if i'm the still didn't do the research. >> an ounce of reporting, it's federal reserve looking at these numbers i'm saying okay i'm just going to get out of the way for clear. gang members have talked about a while. it. of course they use the caravans i'm not going to be raising interest rates, because there's or distractions. so send these 150 migrants over no inflation, and yet you still are seeing growth in jobs so there so we can get our two or it's a very good report, not too three ms13 guys over here. hot not too cold. they've ght got a network. pete: that wage number is so key charlie gasparino had an op-ed they exploit the chaos to recently saying he thinks part benefit themselves. of the reason is the president's and who is harmed by that? border policy what contributes our communities who have ms13 specifically do you think to wages going up? maria: well look productivity is members. >> there's a narrative on the getting better and there are a lot of opportunities. people are seeing other left. opportunities and leaving current jobs, finding other ones , and when you've got that kind of demand that pushes wages friends@fox news.dock. up. so you're seeing a good situation in terms of a raise for the american people this is let us know what you think. the first time you're seeing an increase in wages in several >> don't distort the conversation to prove a political point. >> you asked that question about years, up 3.2% year-over-year, a second daca generation. now there were some weakness in terms of job creation in this that's a real question. and also what is happening for these kids when they get here. report, retail jobs were lower, after 20 days when they're and manufacturing jobs also saw released, who is paying for a decline, but when you see the
4:08 am
school. all of the cascading effects of services part of the economy up almost 200,000 jobs the services people here that you don't know where they're coming from and as , hospitality, health care, these are where the jobs taxpayers we're footing the bill for whatever happens next. are and these are where those wage gains are happening. we're a human loving wonderful griff: the question every worker country, the greatest on earth. has to be wondering is there room for it to go higher in this they're coming to this country for a reason. wage growth? if we don't know why or in what maria: there is room depending on productivity and i think with manner, we're the ones left to technology coming on pretty deal with it. strongly, helping workers in a it's not just the criminals. number of industries whether it's the whole cascading effect. it's transportation or healthcare, that technology will >> well said. >> let us know what you think. boost productivity and that in we're going to turn to turn will boost wages, so i do think wages can continue to headlines for you. a fox news alert. creep higher, and you're going to see that across all a state trooper is fighting for his life after being shot twice industries, while job creation is happening, because of the president's policy you near the u.s.-mexico border mentioned, jedediah, one of the overnight. the texas authorities say victor reasons is deregulation. alejandro godinez shot the the president has rolled back so many regulations in a number of sectors like healthcare and trooper after running from a car crash. financial services that managers he is in custody and he is a don't feel they are tied up waiting for what's the next u.s. citizen. regulation to come down the pike as a result they're able to put a coachella worker falls to new money to, would in the form of hiring and in the form of r & his death. he was reportedly not wearing a d. griff: so whose coming up on the
4:09 am
must-watch sunday television safety harness when he fell show. maria: thank you so much, 60 feet. he's been part of the coachella congressman devon nunes comes team for 20 years and osha is out with a list of criminal referrals he's done the work for investigating. the last two years in terms of a norovirus outbreak strikes what the fbi and the doj the a children's hospital in people at the top who tried to stop donald trump in the 2016 washington, d.c. the pai pediatric system says te election this week we get that list and he is going to reveal breaking news for us and tell us what that criminal referral list looks like, how patientpatients have contracted. many they are, so this is a must -see with devon nunes coming those are the headlines. up. well the 2020 democratic we're also going to get the democratic side of the ledger we field extending even more. talk about the economy, as well as the border issues coming up and we've got congressman johnson as well talking about >> congressman tim ryan jumping border and the judiciary up this in saying in his announcement -- week, william barr is testifying he's in youngstown, ohio when he , we're going to get a preview of that from congressman makes this. here is what he is saying about johnson. griff: that's a good deal. jedediah: thanks maria. the flyover states and the the pro-life movie inspiring voters he thinks relate to him. women to share their own stories listen. including our next guest, a gold >> flyover states are my states. star mother who kept her baby the flyover states are your despite suggestions she get an states. and the flyover states are going abortion. pete: he grew up to become a to start governing in the united navy seal who made the ultimate states of america. sacrifice the powerful story
4:10 am
things go up and things go down. coming up next. but if we're not united, we are not going to be able to fix these structural problems that we have in the united states. and i'm running for president to first and foremost try to bring this country back together. because a divided country is a weak country. and we have politicians and leaders in america today that want to divide us. >> 14 democrats running. is anyone not running ? that list would be shorter. >> this is one of the few so-called moderates. tim ryan has been on our show a lot. he seems like a good guy. a democrat of yesteryear, the fumes of the blue dog democrats. he's saying trump won because the forgotten voters in flyover states said this is somebody finally advocating for hi me. he's trying to be a voice for that. >> look, midwest rural voters,
4:11 am
the democrats completely lost them in the last election. it was proven in trump's numbers. now tim ryan is seeing the rhetoric of the field of the 13 before he got in saying oh my gosh, nobody is trying to get them back. so what he's saying there about divided country, how to bring it together, he's not just seeing a path of centralism that biden was taking. he sees a need to change the rhetoric to get the rural voters, to believe in the democratic party. democrats have so abandoned those voters. >> and i feel like the democratic base is not there. they're not interested in that. >> the power is on the coast. >> and they're hungry for the bernie sanders, the extremist language. that's what's appealing right now. they're not looking forward to pick the most electrical candidate or thinking of the
4:12 am
fact that hillary clinton skipped a lot of states. i don't know that that's on the forefront. >> ryan, congressman ryan may have bitten off too much too chew. what case do you make to the midwest rural voter that, you know, deregulation was a good thing, that jobs is a good thing and we're going to replace it with what the democratic party seems to be offering now, which is more obamacare, socialism. i'm not sure he can make that case. >> yeah, they used to be the party, the working class, unions, but they've sited with climate change activists way more than they have with workers. trump resonated with that. and then by the way, hillary clinton didn't go to wisconsin. which might have been like a decent idea. >> she didn't speak from a place of having an empathy of issues facing a lot of those people. >> those jobs are going away. >> by the way, we were talking about ms13.
4:13 am
this ms13 member and convicted killer was already deported once. he was just captured in the u.s. again. >> our next guest says this highlights a huge flaw in our immigration system. a former i.c.e. supervisor tells us how to fix it coming up next on this sunday edition of "fox & friends." griff: back with quick headlines caught on camera, a massive explosion rocks an apartment building in the heart of paris flames racing through two dozen apartments in the six story building more than 50 firefighters working to control it amazingly, no injuries have been reported, no word on what caused the fire. and a super mom saves her young children from a burning car, seconds before it burst into flames. she sets her toddler down before pulling her five month old baby out of the car in australia moments later look at that. the car is in flames the woman says it happened shortly after pulling into the parking lot. pete? pete: thanks, griff. well the movie "unplanned" making waves at the box office telling the true story of a
4:14 am
planned parenthood clinic director who turned pro-life. jedediah: the movie now inspir ing countless women to share their own stories including one gold star mother who was only 18 years old when she found out she was pregnant. what do you look for when you trade? pete: despite suggestions to i want free access to research. just get an abortion, she kept yep, td ameritrade's got that. the baby. free access to every platform. her son aaron carson would grow yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. up to be a navy seal and one of our nations great heros yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. eventually making the ultimate i want to know what i'm paying upfront. sacrifice will serving in afghanistan and here to share yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? her son's incredible story, hm. well i say no to kale. executive director of moms march mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, for america, and dear friend of but that seems like a lot of work. mine, karen vaughn. thanks for being here. no hidden fees. >> it's wonderful to be here no platform fees. no trade minimums. thank you. pete: well your son is an and yes, it's all at one low price. inspiration for us has been and td ameritrade. ♪ continues to be but no one really knows this story of your chapter. >> this is a different story right? i was 18 years old had just started college and found out i was pregnant and you know, a whole world of decisions were in front of me at that point, and i remember thinking, you know, over and over again this is what astounds me about so much of what happens in our society.
4:15 am
the first thought on my mind, was how was i going to prepare a world for this boy? what were his father and i going to do to create a home for him that was going to, how are we going to raise him in a world that would be best suited for him in an environment that would be best suited for him? termites, we're on the move.24/7. i never once thought about roger. abortion. it was suggested but it never crossed my mind. pete: it's a tough choice to make though. >> well it was hard, because i hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. was put in a position of laying we're good. down my future in exchange for termites never stop trying to get in, his. i was there, you know, i had we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. plans i wanted to go into broadcast journalism that's what i wanted to do. i had big plans for my life and never saw myself actually with a it can cause damage to the enamel.. family. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste i just wasn't that person, so i was most astounded at what we can help actively repair enamel happened in my heart, the moment i found out that i was pregnant, in its weakened state. it's innovative. that this had to be something that was going to be my future, with pronamel repair, more minerals are able to enter deep into the enamel surface. not a blip on myriad after.
4:16 am
jedediah: what about the the fact that you have an opportunity to repair decision to keep him as well this topic of abortion is front what's already been damaged, it's amazing. and center right now. you have democrats across the country pushing for things like i think my go-to toothpaste is late term abortion you have the going to be pronamel repair. movie "unplanned" really making waves showcasing how someone can go from being a planned parent hood clinic advisor to suddenly changing her ways, so what is your message to the community now, given your story and the difficulties you faced and the challenges, what do you say to people? >> this story is what is president trump touring our growing inside a woman when she southern border this week finds out she's pregnant is a immigration officials explaining life. how many ms13 gang members are it's a person. it's a future. it's a legacy. getting across the border. like convicted killer and ms13 this boy that was in my belly, i had the privilege of raising one of the most amazing people that member chavez, he was deported ever walked the face of this earth who like pete said in 2017 but just week rearrested in new york on long island. ultimately made, gave his life, how are they making it back into on the platform over freedom, the u.s. in a former i.c.e. overcame unbelievable adversity. he taught us so much about supervisor joins me now to weigh in. how are they get back in. living, didn't he?
4:17 am
and so that's what i want to say >> it's a 2,000-mile longer that it is not an it. it is a he, or a she, that was border. they can sneak in any one of the created divinely inside you. porous areas and they have their it is your opportunity to offer own hookups. this beautiful gift to the world they're getting in. and that's what i want to say. it's easy. >> there is some debate over most of all is i don't whether this is a significant understand the whole concept of problem or not. choice. it just doesn't resonate with me ms13 brutal vicious gang members because all of us as women have trying to get into the u.s. how big is this problem in. a choice and once we're pregnant >> murder rate controls. , that is the result of let's say -- you know they are a choice, and so now the choice pure evil. this isn't an malice tick. becomes what do we do with that this is evil. if you try to get out of the and i can not understand a gang you can't. it is a significant problem. society where a barbaric act is one person, one evil person the consequence for that child for the choice that we made. coming across the border is one it doesn't make sense to me, and too many. >> how dangerous are these gang this is what i want to say to women. if you're out there and you're members? it's not just ms13. facing an unplanned pregnancy, there are other ones. try to see into the future. >> look at any transnational try to see past what you're gang has dangerous tie to it. feeling, the emotions you're experiencing right now. anything that has an effort with there is a person growing in you any illicit means, ei, they're that was created and that was
4:18 am
supposed to live, and so, you going to be smuggling narcotics know, we all made the choice, we were doing anything. were pregnant, it was unplanned, they're going to be dangerous. but now what do we do with that ms13 is a little different. choice? once you're into the gang you what we do is we honor what's can't get out. happened and create a life of they will kill you. honor out of our situation. and anybody who comes into their areas, they're going to maim or pete: of course your then boyfriend, now husband billy. murder them as well. >> 38 years. there are a lot of innocent people getting killed. pete: played a big role in that let's say you have one or two too. >> yes billy made the same people coming across the border choice i did instantly. that are ms13. we were both going to be parents how many families are they going that's all there was to it. jedediah: i think it's so to affect if they murder, rape and kill them. important in this conversation >> jason, on friday on this show too to provide women with the help they need because if you we showed a border patrol agent are 18 years old and faced with giving us evidence of an ms13 a decision like this and you know that you have family and gang member using a child to get friends, community, groups are across which we know is a willing to reach out and provide that assistance, if you are challenge. how many is this gang trying to struggling financially that there is an option to have and game our system? >> they're using every means raise this child, i think that available. is so pivotal because it can be now you can watch every knees really overwhelming for someone and know how to game the system. young faced with this decision it doesn't have to be fox news, and nervous like what's going to happen to my life how will i do msnbc, anybody, we're telling them to tactic to use. this financially. right new they sear saying hey, >> you're absolutely right and this is another thing i want to you know what? do ultrasound debunked what was if i can use an unaccompanied growing inside of us, the movie
4:19 am
child, pick them um on the south now "unplanned" has debunked the border and bring them across, i lives aunt planned parenthood will. i know this as a fact because i and what's happening inside these clinics but you're worked for obama's human right for years now and i have worked in a crisis pregnancy smuggling. and we had lit bona fide males center at one point in my life because for years now we have provided women with ways to see past this and one thing that most people don't know about me is i also adopted a child, so i using minors to come across the border. >> and some stopping tattooing also raised another little baby themselves ? girl from seven months old and >> the white supremacists did that in the '90s. she's 26 now that another mother gave life to but wasn't prepared to take care of so my story, they stop tattooing themes. i've seen every side of it, and >> thank you very much. have a good sunday. so yes with adoption and with next hour we hear from a crisis pregnancy resources that former gang leader from los we have available now there's angeles who reveals the gang really no excuse for abortion. strategy of using unaccompanied children to get across the southern border into the u.s. i know that people find you don't want to miss that. themselves in difficult plus, yale being threatened positions. i did. i understand that and i'm with legal action from two compassionate about it and i senators over a policy blocking also want to say to every woman pnl help for conservative whose made that choice and is now living with maybe the pain christian jeunts. one of those outrs or the guilt or the shame of it that there's freedom past that. you know there's love and this
4:20 am
joins us coming up next. is what we're expressing love and compassion, not judgment and anger. it's really critical that i say that. i don't feel like i'm on a pedestal because i made that choice. i feel like people are put in ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪ difficult positions but there are ways to make a better choice -♪ why, oh, why pete: karen thank you so much. -♪ she's not the maid we wanted ♪ your organization, moms march -because i'm not the maid! for america, where can folks -♪ but she's the maid we got learn more? >> moms march for, -again, i'm not the maid. and also, next saturday i want i protect your home and auto. to say we're having ashley bratc -hey, campbells. who's your new maid? her, the star of "unplanned " speak at a mom talk it's a revolution in sleep. for us so right here in the the sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, heart, the belly of where this fight is going on in buffalo, intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts... new york right? so you wake up rested and ready for anything. jedediah: wow. >> so ashley will be with us save $400 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. next saturday april 13 and you can sign up for that at momtalks only for a limited time. .org. one two parts incredible.ribs. pete: very good karen thank you so much wonderful to have you as steak & ribs starting at $14.99, always. well democrats demanding with your choice of sauce or dry rub. president trump release his tax returns, but our next guest and back again is our 3-point rib bloom, senator john kennedy calls the topped with cheese fries and barbecue ribs. idea plain dumb. but get here fast. he's here, live coming up next. these deals won't last.
4:21 am
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4:23 am
talk right now about these procedures. they're little baby us. >> i'm not going to apologize for doing a job that help women in crisis. >> news by the numbers. first over 10 moi $10 million, h the pro-life film under over the weekend. next, $100 million, that's how much revenue maine could raise if it taxes poland spring for water. lawmakers considering charging you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. the water company 12-cents for why accept it from your allergy pills? every gallon it uses. most pills don't finish the job critics say it could force because they don't relieve nasal congestion. poland spring to scale back flonase sensimist is different. operations. it relieves all your worst symptoms, four hours and 26 minutes, including nasal congestion, that's how much free time the which most pills don't.
4:24 am
average american has every week. it's more complete allergy relief. four in ten americans said they and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. had less than that. flonase sensimist helps block yesterday di yale law schoole six key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. for a new policy that la lawmaks and six is greater than one. flonase sensimist. says discriminates against students. >> threatening litigation against the schools. >> the new policy bars students, many with thousands of dollars in debt from accessing yale's loan repayment or fellowship program if they work at an organization that considers religion, sexual o orientation r gender identity in its hiring the last eight presidents have practices. released their tax forms, and we >> jasmine is a yale law student think here, that there is a mechanism where these forms and she joins us now. could be reviewed in a non- partisan basis, and then, we you get a chance to do a would have a chance to decide internship. from there what to do with them. but if you choose an internship we've taken a very methodical with a christian organization, approach to what will likely be an established court case. that doesn't count. >> any student who hospitalized pete: that was chairman neil of to work for an organization that the very powerful house ways and
4:25 am
means committee. discriminates on the basis of here to react to that is the gop religion, that student is barred louisiana senator john kennedy from the agencies fo. member of the senate appropriations committee, and senate judiciary committee, senator thanks for being here this morning so your reaction to a christian university that only calls from the chairman of that committee to push to get the wants to hire christian presidents tax returns? familiaringty, a jewish charity, >> i mean no disrespect to students who work for them are chairman neil but i'm going to be very blunt. being penalized. chairman neil says that he needs >> yale is saying it violates to see the president's tax returns for policy. their antidiscrimination clauses he says it's not politics. he says that he needs to see if that organization trump's tax returns so he can discriminates. they said we recently decided evaluate how well the irs is that the law school would require any employment decision conducting audits. that financially supports be now, if chairman neil believes open to all of our students. that the american people if an employer refuses to hire themselves are going to actually students because they're believe that, then he's like a christian, black, veterans or rock, only dumber. gay, we will not fund that position. we cherish and value all of our jedediah: [laughter] >> it must suck to be that dumb students no matter whom may everybody knows what's going love, where they vote, that's here, going on here, including why we cannot subsidize the media, that is reporting employers who discriminate this story. against them.
4:26 am
many argue saying maybe this makes sense because this is an chairman neil, he wants to screw inclusive university and they're with trump. he doesn't like the fact that worried that if an organization the american people elected has these restrictive hiring donald trump. well, you know, cry harder, policies discriminating against princess, i mean, words can't another student of theirs, that express how much i don't care. opens them up to a legal issue. >> we can all agree that yale chairman neil doesn't get the veto the choice of the american law school should treat all of its students equally. people. this is wildly dishonest to they can achieve that by putting in a clear exemption for religious organizations. weaponize the irs. i mean, what's next from chairman neil? keep the protections for rais is he going to subpoena the and disability, age. first lady and say i'm investigating the institution of marriage and i want to ask you this is a critical moment for personal questions about your yale to decide whether or not it wants to remain an institution marriage under oath? for education or whether it's griff: and senator -- going to be become an >> i mean this should offend institution of indoctrination. everyone and i don't, you know, it's important that yale reaffirms that it treats all of i don't mean disrespect but you've got to call what really its students equally. just because i'm a christian on upsets me as much as anything is campus that i'm not barred in how stupid he thinks the programs that my peers can have american people are and it's a access to. >> you could say the issue of problem all through washington. equality is you are free to most washington insiders think
4:27 am
they're smarter and more virtue choose. you're free to choose what us than the american people. organization you want to associate with and put your tall griff: senator your sentiment is leapts towards. why not a religion organization? reflected by the president's attorneys who call it gross >> exactly. i think what this policy does is abuse of power for the majority party to use this for politics it limits the choices available to attack the president but to students. every candidate that's run for that's all it does. it doesn't afford people president has released them, the president says he's audited do protections. it simply takes opportunities you believe ultimately the president should release his away from students. taxes? it's difficult to overestimate >> look, if i were running for the amount of funding at risk. in 2018 alone the law school president i'd release my taxes, it would be a big yawn-a-thon, provided $1.9 million for but when the president ran for students pursuing the summer president, he said i'm not public interest fellowship releasing my taxes. funding that's just one of the he didn't have to give a reason. he said the reason is another three programs that religious audit but i'm not releasing them students may no longer have the american people knew that, access to because they want to when they voted for him but work at an organization that didn't vote for him. reflects their deeply held there's no mall that says a religious beliefs. >> the idea because one person presidential candidate has to release his taxes, most do but may not be able to go there, no you don't have to, and so now at one can go work for that organization. >> they're essentially saying this point, to try to weaponize you're free to choose, you can the irs and say you're doing it belong to any organization you for "policy not politics", want but you cannot get the
4:28 am
funding because it's in nobody believes that. violation of the i mean, absolutely nobody believes that. nondiscrimination policy. they've said they'll consider jedediah: senator to shift topics a little bit you've put making accommodations for fourth a very important bill related to victims of sexual religious groups. do you have confidence in that? harassment saying they should not be silenced behind nda's >> we've seen a big promise. it would be important to get the talk a little bit about why this is important and what the bill language in place saying there is an exemption for actually hopes to accomplish. >> well, this is no country for religious-based organizations. given the context this policy creepy old men. our young men, or middle aged wasn't created in a vacuum. men. my bill is simple. it makes it difficult for me to it says if you work for the state or federal government and feel optimistic but that would you are sued boor sexual be a great step towards living up to their purported values of harassment and you settle the equality, putting in place the lawsuit, you can't put in a non- language that exempts disclosure agreement unless the victim wants one. religious-based organizations disbli hear your point. i think it's going to be the taxpayers are entitled to challenging for them to do that know and even if you're not given how their using taxpayer money to settle the lawsuit if you're a public nondiscrimination policy is official, the voters are written. a religious organization is going to want to retain those entitled to know these allegations have been made. right to hire certain people and i'm not trying to deny anybody not hire certain people. that's a conflict they have to due process, just because you're accused of something doesn't decide. >> jasmine, thank you so much. mean you're guilty of it but if >> thanks for having me. you settle a sexual harassment
4:29 am
>> cats or dogs? lawsuit you work for the state we know how pete feels about or federal government people are that debate. entitled to know unless the he's a cat guy. >> absolutely. victim doesn't want to. but which pet owners are griff: senator kennedy thank you happier? very much, it would be the yawn- i have no idea. the results from a new poll coming up next. a-thon, of you released your taxes. jedediah: thanks senator. >> uh-oh. griff: e-mail us at friends@fox ♪ ♪ if you believe the president should turn his taxes over. jedediah: we've got headlines for you this hour the fbi joins the urgent search for an american tourist being held hostage in uganda. abc reports agents are actively negotiating with kim berkshire hathaway endicott's kidnappers who are demanding half a million dollars. the gunman ambushed a safari van in a park. an elderly couple was also in the van but they escaped. nike is not responding to celebrity attorney michael avana ti's claims that the company paid off high school athletes and he says nike paid duke star zion williamson's mother, and duke says it's looking into it. nike called it a distraction,
4:30 am
and he is facing federal charges accused of trying to extort nike for $20 million. maine lawmakers are considering an amendment to approve non- citizens from voting in local elections and the me hour is seen as a long shot in the states democratic controlled legislature. there is a hearing on the proposal tomorrow. and it's a great debate a new washington post poll shows dog lovers are happier than cat owners. i don't know about that. we asked what you think about it , diana writes, i love them both but i'd have to say dogs. they are so wonderful and so much a part of our lives, and simply stating, cats rule, and tim settles the debate writing, there's an old saying dogs look up to us, cats look down on us but pigs treat us as if equals, i could go for a little pot belly pig i won't lie. pete: pigs are tasty. jedediah: no did you not see charlotte's web? pete: i don't know maybe when i was a kid.
4:31 am
so many good things come from pigs. jedediah: no. pete: in the mouth. jedediah: they're very smart and lovable little farm sanctuaries to visit a pig. pete: it's a reason why people don't have a lot of pigs as pets jedediah: i live in manhattan they won't let me. i can't have an elephant either it seems. pete: president trump warning fellow democrats about going too far left. >> we start sometimes creating what's called a circular firing squad. and when that happens, typically , the overall effort and movement weakens. griff: so is he right? two democrats here to debate, that's coming up. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
4:32 am
unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? . pick me a house cat. you can't let him outside. he also lacks outdoor survival
4:33 am
skills. >> i don't think greg will be playing with him much. he hates cats. >> pam, i don't hate cats. i don't hate cats. i just happen to be more of a dog lover. >> yeah, yeah. >> i'm lonely? i'm not lonely! i've been loved by everyone in san diego. [ dog barking ]. >> wow, you know how to cut to the core of me baxter. you're so wise. but like a miniature buddha covered in hair. >> enough. that's even hard hitting journalism here on "fox & friends." the debate, cats or dogs. >> what do you mean think is very hard hitting. this affects us all, pete. >> the washington post did a survey last year, the results coming out now. what makes you happier as a human being, cats or dogs. >> and i'm conflicted about this one. i have a dog, emma.
4:34 am
my parents have several cats. and i'm more of a cat person but i'm allergic. i get the dog. but the dogs and i, our personality -- there's my baby. look at her. ♪ the most beautiful dog on earth, by the way. dogs do more for you, they'll respond to you, fetch, they give you attention and affection. cats are like, i need you but i don't really need you. >> if you look up here, we have ♪ six in ten households have at least one pet, a cat or a dog. when you break it down, 33% have a doll only, 14% have both, a dog and a cat, 11% are cat only book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. and 39% no pets. norwegian cruise line. feel free. people say they're happy. here's the important results. 30% dog only, 20% cat only. griff: as democrats rush to the left ahead of the 2020 election harry s. truman said if you want a friend in washington, get a even former president barack obama is concerned they may be dog. he didn't say cat, pete. going too far. >> that's right. >> one of the things i do worry because dogs are predictable. about sometimes among
4:35 am
they're easy and boring. progressives in the united no matter what you do. states maybe it's true here as well is a certain kind of >> oh, how cute! >> you can't do that to me. rigidity, where we say oh, i'm look at that. sorry, this is how it's going to be, and then we start sometimes >> griff's beautiful dog, beautiful family. dogs love you no matter what. creating what's called a circular firing squad, and when you can kick them and they'll come back and lick you. cats have a personality, a that happens, typically, the overall effort and movement sophisticated relationship. you have to kind of give and take. weakens. griff: does he have have a point a challenge. they snuggle when you need to. here to react democratic an a otherwise they do their own thing, they lick themselves, clean themselves. dog are just. wrist phillip and good morning >> cats are like the date you to you president obama coming out we haven't heard from him got to work for. and he's saying hey guys where dinner a bunch of times. are you going angela i'll give you the first word what do you think? >> first of all thank you for having me. >> tiebreaker. let's go to rick. i think that president obama is rick, settle this for us. largely right. >> no matter what you do request a lot of democrats are focusing a cat, nothing will make the cat on personality versus focusing on the issues that will help us react any differently. >> that's not true. to win the 2020. they cuddle. >> you build a relationship with the cat, rick. griff: you mentioned issues >> and the cat still doesn't though angela so phillip let me care. >> they come in and pet on you. ask you what president obama is saying is hey i think you guys that's nice. >> not because you did anything. are talking about medicare for >> we're going to have to expand all and a green new deal
4:36 am
this debate, rick. when he wants the candidates to >> i've never met an animal i focus on employee tending the don't love. >> that's true. policies of obamacare and rick ask an animal lover. otherwise. >> no absolutely he is very >> even with the snake. keen on making sure that i saw you with the snake. pragmatically, we remain open to >> i'm all dog all the way. let's talk weather out there. compromise because what he's it's beautiful. ultimately saying is that when you're sitting outside, 20 feet you move forward with this my away. you know it's nice right here. way is the highway-type of temperature wise across the southeast it feels like spring. approach, it can ultimately be we have showers coming through, built more damaging than when it's going to knock the pollen you are open to compromise. off a little bit which is going i look no further than just what to help. pollen levels have been extreme. happened in this city across the river with respect to amazon and here's how the day plays out the fact that we had the across the ohio valley. opportunity as a city which is showers moving in later on in controlled by democrats, to the day, most of the coastal ultimately be able to bring in, areas across the mid atlantic you know, this multi million and northeast is looking at a dollar corporation one of the nice day. biggest corporations in the world that would have provided a southeast, look at the showers lot of jobs but we had a lot of across parts of south texas, people that weren't open to moving into parts of louisiana. compromise particularly on the some will be s so severe. far left who were very much so about with the corporate welfare we don't want amazon coming in and they were open to having a conversation and when amazon saw that conversation wasn't going to be had they left. we're going to be in the 60s in minneapolis, tuesday and obama is being clear that to the wednesday a big snowstorm is extent that you are not willing
4:37 am
to be open and compromise these moving in, a foot, foot and a are the kinds of things that you half of snow. can lose and in particular the 2020 election i think is what's >> terrible. on the forefront of his mind. we were still debating dogs and cats. >> we carried the debate right griff: that's a great point phil , angela how far can the left go before it's too far when on through. it comes to things like the headlines for your, a economy and your pocket book? mexican soap opera star ordered >> oh, i mean i think that's to appear in court tomorrow after an apparent road rage case exactly what the left has to worry about because as i said when you focus on issues you're turned deadly. he was originally charged with talking about the core issues that matter to the american people, and that is what is assault. the surveillance video shows the going on in their pocket book? man punching a 63-year-old man what is going on with the economy but also what is going who later died. on with respect to affordable lyle's car cut off the driver healthcare, and whatever way or leading to an argument. nike is not responding to form that it takes those are the issues people care about. that's why the left actually celebrity attorney's claims that beat the republicans of 2018 and the company paid off high school what we have to focus on again athletes. he said that nike paid duke star for 2020. griff: so phil, let me ask you, zion williamson's mother-for-won does what the president obama said does it hurt people like sulting services. nike called it a distraction. biden trying to get into this race that's taking the central facing federal charges for way? >> i don't think that it hurts trying to extort nike for 20 at all the whole point that obama is making is to remain
4:38 am
moi$20 million. open for compromise and we know with all of the years that biden a super mom saves her spent within the senate that he had built those relationships by children from a burning car. she sets her toddler down before which clearly he was open to negotiation and a master negotiator. he got a lot of things pushed pulling her 5-month-old baby out of the car. through for obama. i don't think that it hurts moments later the car was biden at all. aflame. it happened shortly after i think more who obama is pulling into a parking lot. talking to are those a little bit further on the left. can you imagine encountering i'm talking more like within the a monster python like this? bernie sanders camp and everything along those lines where of course you can not >> oh no! compromise on your core principles. nobody in obama is not saying to do that, but at the end of the >> totally genuine reaction, people. day, there are areas and you that was not funny. know, just take it back to the i did not know that was coming. that one on our show last week amazon where we all want jobs rivaled by this 17-foot long right? we all want those opportunities to be there for people and there python caught at a florida was areas where in compromise i nature preserve. the 140-pound beast was carrying think could have helped bring them in and obama is just trying 73 eggs at the time. to be clear about don't let the oh, man. my way is the highway approach i can't read why you guys are showing me pictures like this. cost us the end goal. griff: that's a good point >> who are those men? phillip and angela thank you where do we get such men who very much for joining us and maybe you're right maybe it's take on the python. time president obama sends that >> the python hunters. message for the democrat party as a whole the 2020 democrats to >> you wouldn't do that.
4:39 am
hit that reset button thank you >> no way, no chance. very much have a good sunday. >> pete is with me. >> let's go to the everglades it's an important day in history on this day. the bannon beer officially ended and chase pythons. >> you do that and come back so to honor national beer day we with a story. are celebrating with brewers on now democrats say attorney general barr is hiding the fox square, next save me a information from the mueller report. >> indicative of a coverup. beer, pete. >> ♪ ♪ >> do you believe that william barr undermined his office? >> there's no question in my mind about that. >> here we go. ken starr investigated former president clinton says the attorney general is just following the law. he joins us coming up next.
4:40 am
4:41 am
4:42 am
griff: today is national beer day and as we celebrate with some successful brewers on the fox square there's also ♪ historical significance to know about. here to explain, co-founder of the brooklyn brewer and author back with some quick head of the craft beer revolution. lines. everybody knows i love craft no satisfaction for rolling stones fans. new reports that the legendary beer.
4:43 am
brooklyn lager is my favorite band might not go back on tour but first let me ask you steve for up to a year because major what's the most significant venues are booked up their thing about this day? >> well you know, prohibition schedule tour was canceled after was a very dark time for the brewing industry in the u.s.. mike jack jagger under went there were about 2,000 breweries when it started in 1920 and heart surgery. kim and kanye planning a about half of them died during that dark period when they party for the upcoming birth of their fourth child. couldn't sell beer, and then >> because i'm freaking out so much, i want to send dvd themed 1933 april 7, was when beer came back, and that's what we're power. >> cbd is a chemical found in celebrating today. griff: we're celebrating one of marijuana known to promote the best brewers in new york very quickly. relaxation. you were a journalist in the well. attorney general barr prepping middle east, in saudi arabia to make the mueller report where alcohol is banned and yet you learned to make beer from those who would do it at home. >> there are avid home brewers public this month. but that's not enough for in saudi arabia. there's not a lot to do in saudi democrats accusing him of hiding information. arabia so a lot of the foreigner >> every day that goes by s make their own beer without the american people at home so i got into make my getting the actual report, the own beer. my wife got fed up with being details that you talked about, the wife of a war reporter we is indicative of a coverup. came back to brooklyn and here i >> do you believe that william am. griff: i love it you make good barr has undermined his office? >> no question in my mind about beer. rick: i live right next to your
4:44 am
that. >> do you suspect that he's brewery so bridge and tunnel, withholding damaging information this is mark castanio, how long that's in the mueller report to protect donald trump? >> that's my suspicion. have you been doing this? >> about 17 years brewing seven >> ken sphar served as an years as a brewery. independent counsel rick: you just submitted for the investigating bill clinton. first time in a contest and won? >> yeah, we won silver for our joins us now. is bill barr undermining his office? oatmeal stout. rick: i tried one of these in >> no, no and no again. bill barr is an honorable and the commercial break which we're not supposed to do sorry but it honest man. was really good. he is an extraordinarily capable >> thank you it's our urban lawyer and he has a track style. rick: bridge and tunnel brewery record. you know, he didn't come out of congratulations. politics from the senate or >> thank you. wherever. he came out of the world of law. jedediah? jedediah: i am with james for and in the world of law we try queens brewery. now this place is amazing to follow the rules and that's because they do beer and they do exactly what he's doing. cocktails on draft. >> yes we do. and unfortunately the criticism, jedediah: i spotted an amazing which is obviously political, beer right away, sour cherry is, in my judgment, eroding chocolate beer that sounds like confidence in the rule of law a dessert. unnecessarily. i think it's very unfortunate why have is your beer awesome? >> we find an accessible and and it's quite wrong. it's unfair. but welcome to washington. easy to drink beer and we go a >> welcome to washington. little bit off the wall. jedediah: you've got a cocktail here is that scary? the president tweeted yesterday,
4:45 am
why should i defend a fraudulent >> penicillin? no it's actually a cocktail that russian witch hunt. it's time the perpetrators and we recreated with rye whiskey the american people start it's just easy to drink and defending their dishonest and comes right off the tap. jedediah: around since 2013 treasonist acts. looks awesome check it out. sit forth looking backwards pete: i'm here with torrie fish finding out where this came from er, she's an army and to begin with with? national guard veteran thank you >> osk it is. for your service. we need to know more facts with >> thank you. pete: why backward flag? >> so backward flag is a symbol respect to the background, the origins of this investigation. of moving forward in the fight so many questions have been never retreating and i took it raised and obviously a lot of from the flag worn on the right sleeve of the army uniform. revelations that raise reasonable questions about how pete: a lot of people don't did it begin. we need to know that. understand that but it's meant and we're not talking about it. to symbolize we're always now to go back to bill barr. charging into battle. >> we're never retreating. bill barr is protecting grand pete: tell us about your beer. jury information. >> so backward flag we're 100% and i know this personally because i was accused of veteran owned and operated and committing a crime during my also woman owned the beer that i have right now is our flagship investigation. why? you were revealing, disclosing oak armor actually named after grand jury information. the first armor division. that is the law of the land. so the first unit i deployed to and what congress these voices, combat with was the first armor, some people in congress are and the peal ale aged on basically saying, bill barr, you're the attorney general of american toasted oak, it's 7% the united states why don't you beer and will still make you
4:46 am
commit a crime. happy. people find it difficult to pete: i took a sip it's ability understand and believe but it's as good 7% i had. true. we secured a court order to where can folks learn more? provide the information that we, >> check out our website back obligated to provide to congress. bill barr under the regulations, pete: they're in fourth river we're in a different regime now, new jersey appreciate it. griff: you guys are also part of he's under no such obligation. bunker brews which helps veteran he's provided an explanation. he's going to go further. entrepreneurs have very cool. >> as he said he will do. we have to end it with the best but congress is taking another tactic here. ipa in long island city, pat is head line in politico said the head of sales and marketing and i've got the death to ego congress' new mueller fight. do dems need to begin one. pat tell us about this beer. >> this is a kind of hybrid impeachment to see the files. east coast west coast ipa, it's the argument is that the house a new ipa tend to have like a would need judicial proceeding haze, and they tend to be a to get a look at the mueller little bit juicy in the hopping. report. the only judicial proceeding the old school ones are more dry so this is a blend. they could do the impeachment. pete: you have pretty cool names >> i home it doesn't come to , you have alien technology that. is that part of the whole thing? i don't think that there will be >> that's part of the creative a need for that. everyone wants transparency. process. sitting around thinking, that's the irony of the cat drinking and doing some stuff. fight, if i say sa if i may say. griff: what's your name?
4:47 am
>> ruby. the idea of bill barr's seeking griff: you can't drink yet you transparency is i want to give you everything that i possibly can. know? so let's go through this >> [laughter] process, see what the redacted griff: well more fox & friends coming up moments away and pete report looks like. but i'll say this. and i will not drink during the we went through impeachment. break but rick saccone. pete: every day is national beer impeachment is hell. day, you know that. i think that the leadership is rightly saying no, we don't want >> ♪ ♪ to go that way. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, but i don't think it's going to be necessary, pete. >> when i went and looked back at the fisa application on carter page, which is heavily redacted when it was released. with this mueller report what do you anticipate? how much redaction will come with it? >> if there's grand jury information, and that will be frustrating, it's going to be redacted. if there's national security information it's going to be redacted. that is bail barr's duty to do that. we may be frustrated but then the conversation should begin, the negotiation. how do we accomplish the
4:48 am
objective of providing as much transparency to the american people as possible. >> when will we stop talking about russia? your prediction? >> probably sometime after november 2020. some things just don't seem to guy and this is one of them. but i will say this in closing. if there had been collusion with russia we would have known about it, pete, long before now. >> thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. well, we're shifterring gearslifting gearsfor our sprin. expert tips for you car coming up next. i'with uncontrollederson who moderate-to-severe eczema, . or atopic dermatitis... feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look.
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>> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ pete: welcome back griff and i will do our best to recreate the final play of the uva vs. auburn game and i'm the defender in slow motion coming up. jedediah: whoa! thank you. pete: that was the best recreation ever. jedediah: ever and i like your version of slow motion. pete: thank you guys for joining us on this sunday if you want to , go to church!
4:51 am
maria: good sunday morning everyone thanks so much for joinings i'm maria bartiromo joining me right ahead right here on sunday morning futures my explosive interview with ranking member of the house intel committee devon nunes is coming up, what question does he have for william barr when the attorney general goes before congress this week plus new op-ed this morning detailing how robert mueller's investigation was taken, by an unprecedented political crisis. i'll also get exclusive democratic reaction this morning from a member of the house homeland security and armed services committee, her take on the crisis at our southern border this morning, her party's retreat from the green new deal and the controversy
4:52 am
for the last week we've. getting you ready for spring with some spring cleaning tips. >> what about cleaning out your car. our car coach, lauren fix joins us now. let's do the car. >> help us out. >> first you got to wash it, start from the top down. i recommend using a good car -- never use dish soap. it takes the shine off of your car. you can buy this anywhere. watch it with a sponge or a sham shami. keep it clean. >> not your dish soap. >> got to keep the shine up. >> it takes the shine off of your car. put a good wax on. this th is three in one wax. smart to use a wax. you can burn 200-calories an hour. >> wax on wax off. >> right. a good memory. and you can get your kids involved too. with the rain coming and i know rick is talking about rain in certain areas, replace your
4:53 am
wiper blades. this is a bade wiper blade. >> is that hard to do? >> super easy to do. you can go to any auto parts start. do it once a year. >> compare these two, the bad one and the good one. it's obvious. >> yeah, you're supposed to replace these every six months and that's why i recommend using a premium blade. it lasts three times longer. it makes a huge huge difference. >> what about scratches? >> i've got a lot -- can you show this -- i have a lot of these, like more than 50 of those on my car. >> you can go to auto, put in your year make and model, get bigger bottlings or smaller bottlings or use a touchup pen and repair it yourself. >> you don't have to buff it. >> starts cleaning, start repairing it. >> look at that. >> you can go right in with the pen. >> they give you the pen, all of the base coat, the clear coat.
4:54 am
so when you're done if you follow the directions, it's fixed. saves you hundreds of dollars. >> they got a light silver? >> they can get you anything you need. >> i have allergies. talk to me about what's going on here. >> i'm allergic to mold, mildew and dust. this is a cabin air filter. this is a brand-new one. it's got febreeze in it and it filters out everything. like you would do your furnace filter in the home, every six months, especially if you have allergies or kids with severe allergies, you can replace it more often. buy wiper blades as well as air filters at an auto parts store and they'll replace them for free. >> i wouldn't know where to find that in my own car. >> the book in the gl glove box under the napkins. >> and if you have pets in the car. i'm going to get in the car. i'm a germaphobe, so i asked about the cleanliness of the
4:55 am
car. >> the steering wheel and the armrest for me. >> what are you using ? >> i'm using a wipe. you can buy wipes anywhere. this is the filthiest part, your steering wheel, armrest and shifter. this is a brand-new 2019 mini cooper. it's little different. but how filthy it is, it's filthy because you touch it with your hands and you pump gas and keet. east. eat. if your car smells like smoke or you brought chicken wings home, maguires sells an air fresher that will eliminate everything. >> take care of your car, get your spring cleaning done, you'll add to the longevity. >> and the value. when you go to trade it in, you can sai yourself a ton of money because they're going to charge you for it if there are any repairs or damages. especially scratches. >> it's more money to drive a
4:56 am
clean car. >> if you love your car, it will love you back. >> thank you. democrats have been saying sorry a lot lately. >> more understanding. >> i am not a tribal citizen. i am sorry. >> i'll be much more thoughtful going forward. >> the new op-ed slamming democrats as the party of apologies. cue brenda lee. that's next. ♪ ♪ ... who glows?
4:57 am
just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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where he actually asked meon i be"mommy what's wrongr, with your teeth?" if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. at aspen dental we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exam and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental. pete: the president is talking about the threats that are being faced at the southern border. president trump: i said we're closing the border we have to take care of "our bodies, ourselves." >> one evil person coming across that board it is one too many. jedediah: a suspect wanted for the shootings of a texas state
5:00 am
trooper is in custody. the trooper is fighting for his life following surgery for two bullet wounds. >> among progressives in the united states there's a certain kind of rigidity. the overall effort and movement weakens. >> i am sorry. >> sorry i didn't understand. >> it's political pandering, it's insulting to the voters. griff: how certain is it to you to see the president's tax returns? >> not at all. >> hold on, did i hear a whistle? we got a foul call. >> [applause] >> they got all three. >> virginia is heading to its first ever national championship griff: pete went to the game. pete: a last minute thing with my boys and my dad. >> ♪ ♪ griff: if you're just waking up this is the father of the year
5:01 am
award. fox & friends sunday, you may have stayed up late to watch the game good morning. pete: good morning, it's actually a result of poor planning. see i'm from minnesota, i knew the final four was there i should have booked tickets a long time ago instead i decided yesterday after the show to go. jedediah: but you made it. pete: but i made it and it was an amazing game that game auburn vs. uva went all the way down the line, that's kyle guy who got fouled with .6 seconds left on a three, down two, and proceeded to step to the foul line with the whole world watching, a questionable foul there, possibly and drained three free throws in. griff: if you didn't see the game, kyle first drains the three to bring virginia back into the game and then he makes the straight three free throws and you by the way bought tickets last minute for your father and sons and then your son said dad, i wish you could be there. what did you do? jedediah: like i've got to go. pete: okay, let's do it. griff: there they are. pete: they're big basketball
5:02 am
fans and they've become virginia fans because when they were in new jersey they went to the acc tournament. that's me and gunner and boone and my dad. jedediah: i have to say your kids have the best names. pete: my little outlaws. griff: could you tell by the way from your seats there was a foul committed? pete: no we thought the game was over and auburn had won and the slow ripple in the reaction in the stadium was oh, my goodness they called a foul so you had no idea it took a couple seconds and he did that that is as a basketball fan and a player myself who stepped to the free throw a few times that's not easy to do. griff: by the way off camera you claim to have drained 230 straight free throws in your driveway with no one watching. pete: i made 230 in a row one-time. jedediah: that's pretty good. pete: i went to get a drink and when i came back i missed one. from the free throw line i swear griff: how old were you? pete: how old was i? 17.
5:03 am
back in the day 20 years ago. jedediah: [laughter] griff: e-mail us at friends@fox if you believe that actually took place or whether or not it's fake news pete: it's true i promise. griff: president trump slamming mexico saying our southern neighbor is forcing him to send more agents to the border. jedediah: the president is cit ing a large scale surge of illegal immigrants trying to reach the united states. pete: jillian turner is live in washington with more. reporter: just two days after praising the mexican government efforts to deter southern american high grants from attempting cross the u.s. border president trump is now making an about-face. he announced yesterday that his administrations redeploying 750 agents at certain ports of entry along the southern border and what he says is a large scale surge tweeting this, this will cause traffic and commercial delays until such time as mexico is able to use its powerful common sense immigration laws, to stop illegals from coming through mexico, into the u.s. , and remove removing them back to
5:04 am
their country of origin until mexico cleans up this ridiculous and massive migration we will be focusing on border security, not ports of entry. that, guys, here is what he said on thursday, take a listen. president trump: the last four days has really done a great job on their southern border with honduras, with guatemala, with el salvador, of grabbing and taking and bringing people back to their countries. >> he also, yesterday, called for house democrats to close what he calls "horrible costly and foolish loopholes" in the u.s. immigration laws. guys back to you. pete: thank you. griff: thank you. pete: i understand him calling on house democrats to do something, but that ain't going to happen. they're not moving on anything. jedediah: i can remember in the campaign season when we were talking about who was going to win and people were wondering
5:05 am
whether trump really talked immigration one of the few candidates we were wondering is he going to follow through or just be more talk and i have to say on this issue he really delivered and has held the feet into the fire of democrats and republicans. he's held mexican leadership feet to the fire there in mexico and he's really just not stopping he prioritized this border security for people and condemned human trafficking and drug trafficking and this issue the vast majority of americans are saying this is a president who has made a promise and is really doing everything heaver can to deliver. griff: he has all the border patrol officials agreeing with him saying thank you, mr. president, for giving us what we need which is this unprecedented surge in the numbers are similar to ten years ago but in this case it's the units, women, children and they don't have space to put them, 200% is a mild description of what the problem is depending on where you go, and it'll be interesting to see, whether or not trying to get the president
5:06 am
to say coming one democrat that wants to work with you so far it seems to politicize not a single one will step up. jedediah: forget it as it moves toward 2020 forget it, griff. pete: and think about how deep the swamp is to your point of
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